Correspondence C-D

C____, E. R.
Cabot, Frederick Pickering
Cady, Elisha H.
Cairness, C. W.
Campbell and Sullivan
Carless, William E.
Carr, Alber B.
Carr, C. U.
Carr, Gladys V.
Carr, Ruth
Cassino, Samuel Edson
Chapin, Walter Henry
Chase, (Mary) Agnes (née Merrill)
Chase, Virginius Heber
Cheney, Robert F.
Christensen, Abby W. and Christensen, A.H.
Churchill, Joseph Richmond
Churchill, Winslow W.
Cilley-Clark, Martha Bowton
Clark, Ellery H.
Clark, Hubert Lyman
Clulow, George
Clute, Willard Nelson
Collins, Frank Shipley
Collins, James Franklin
Cook, Alice B.
Coolidge, Charles Austin
Coolidge, James Ivers Trecothick
Cooper Ornithological Club
Coues, Elliott
Coulter, John Merle
Couille, Frederick Vernon
Crawford, Jospeh
Curtiss, Allen Hiram
Cushing, Mary

Dallinger, Frederick W.
Darling, Charles P.
Davis, Charles Albert
Davis, William Morris
Deam, Charles Clemon
Dean, Fred T.
Deane, Charles E.
Deane, Florence
Deane, Henry Towner
Deane, Mary H.
Deane, Ruthven
Deane, Walter
DeMeritte, Edwin
Demetrio, Carl Hermann
Denny, Henry G.
Dewey, Lyster Hoxie
DeWolfe and Fiske Co.
Dexter(?), Lewis
Dexter, Lucy W.
Dexter, Mary Deane
Diemar, Lena H.
Dienemann Nchf., P.
Diller, Jospeh Silas
Diller, Laura (née Paul)
Dodge, Elinor
Driggs, Alfred Waldo
Duff, John
Dwight, Jonathan