Dating the book

When was The Curious and Profitable Gardener bound? We can determine an approximate date for this bookbinding by applying some logical reasoning. We know that Alfred de Sauty worked in London from approximately 1898 to 1923. We also know that his finest work was accomplished between 1905 and 1914. This binding is most likely done in London because it is signed "De Sauty." The binding must have been made prior to 1918, when Oakes Ames donated it to the Harvard University Botany Libraries. These circumstances give us a nice terminus post quem (limit after which) and terminus ante quem (limit before which) of broadly 1898-1918. Based on the style and material of the bindings, as well as what we know about Oakes Ames's life, the range of circa 1900-1917 is most likely. To date, no relevant archival material has been found that would definitely answer this question. Barring further information, this general date range is as specific as one can be.

This bookbinding is a nice example of an early 20th century, English, fine, leather binding. However, one can not help but wonder what earlier binding materials were discarded in the rebinding process.