Friends of the Farlow Papers (1982-1996)


The Friends of the Farlow is a group of amateur and professional botanists interested in cryptogamic botany. The Friends support the activities of the Farlow Reference Library and Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany.

In 1982, several interested parties began planning a friends group. A steering committee was formed, consisting of Robert Edgar, Roy Halling, Geraldine Kaye (librarian of the Farlow Library), Donald Pfister (curator of the Farlow Herbarium), Harvey Pofcher, Moselio Schaecter, and Ron Trial. With the help of a nation-wide Advisory Board, the steering committee proposed the first Executive Committee: Moselio Schaecter as President, Barry L. Wulff as Vice President, Harvey Pofcher as Treasurer, and Robert Edgar as Secretary. Administration in place, the Friends began soliciting general membership. These solicitations were met with enthusiasm, and the Friends soon reached their original goal of 200 members.

The Friends continue to thrive today, with members from around the world. Some of the activities of the Friends include an annual members-only booksale, fellowships for both students and professionals, regular publication of a newsletter, and various educational events, such as talks and forays.

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