Series Description

Series 1: Correspondence
Most correspondence is arranged alphabetically by the name of person or institution. There are also general folders for each letter of the alphabet. This series is not strictly letters, but also includes assorted papers related to the person or institution. Most correspondence deals with mycological research and Farlow Herbarium business such as hiring staff or arranging loans of specimens. The letters are from 1947-1954. Major correspondents include the Botanical Society of America, Mary Downing, Harvard University, the Mycological Society of America, Elwyn T. Reese, and Ralph G.H. Siu.

Series 2: Manuscripts
This series includes ten manuscripts of White's research articles.

Series 3: Photographs
This series includes black and white photographs of specimens under the microscope. Many are related to specific articles by White.

Series 4: Charts & Graphs
This series includes charts and graphs used for illustrating White's articles.

Series 5: Course Materials, Notes, and Misc. Papers
This series includes outlines of course material for White's 1949 class, Biology 204, as well as students' exams from this course. Additional material includes some of White's own exams from Penn State, papers from the Harvard Biology Department, an illustrated laboratory notebook by White, various notes, and papers and letters from the Microbiological Section of the Botanical Society of America.