Botanic Garden Inventories


General History:

1. Account of Botanic Garden by Alice Gray, niece of Asa Gray
2. 4 copies of "Harvard Botanic Garden and its Botanists" by Ernest Ingersoll (The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, June 1886)
3. Cambridge Chronicle Magazine, June 17, 1898, containing article "The Harvard Botanical Garden" by Edward F. Gamwell
4. "The Botanic Garden at Cambridge" by George L. Goodale (from Harvard Register, Jan. 1881)
5. Folder of miscellaneous clippings


Reports and Correspondence:

1. A folder containing: 2 copies of circular for Botanic Garden sent out by Asa Gray, 1866; a note re date of construction of greenhouse, 1889; 1 letter from John A. Allen to President and Fellows of Harvard, et al., ca. 1894, criticizing management of Garden; 1 note of vote of Committee on the Botanic Garden and Herbarium expressing staasifaction with explanation given in response to Allen's charges, 1894; galley of Goodale's 1908/09 report on the Botanic Garden "A Suggested Policy for the Botanic Garden" 1928, 1929 or 1930



1. Account book, 1864-Nov. 1875. Note on cover says "C.S. Sargent had charge from '72 to '79. His memoranda after Nov. '75 are not in this book."
2. Folder containing a synopsis financial history of Botanic Garden, compiled Nov. 1934, and a memorandum from E.D. Merrill on finances, May 15, 1945.


Plant Records:

1. Notebook with handwritten entries listing "Ferns in the Green Houses, Nov. 22, 1872" and Bebb's Willows, March, 1873"

See also: Bot Gard 73/ G 79 -- a 28 page, handwritten list of plants in the Botanic Garden by section, ca. 1879(?)
Two published lists are also available in the library:
A Catalogue of American and Foreign Plants, cultivated in the Botanic Garden, Cambridge, Massachusetts by W.D. Peck
Hand-list of Hardy Rock Plants grown in the Botanic Garden of Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 1927.



1. Map of Harvard Botanic and Observatory Grounds, 1888. Printed in blue; 2 copies
2. Plan for Herb Garden in the Harvard Botanic Garden for the Herb Society of America, G.H.H. Kirkwood. Blueprint, 2 copies
3. New Plan for Systematic Arrangement of Beds in the Botanic Garden, Harvard University, March 1924. Stephen F. Hamblin, Director. K. Newton. Black ink on oiled paper or cloth. A rough pencil plan on tissue paper and dated October, 1924, is wrapped around the ink plan
4 Portfolio containing two plas of the Botanic Garden -- a colored one which shows a general plan of beds and a brown ink one which looks like a survey of plot, with no garden plans. Both are labeled on reverse: "Old plan of Botanic Garden found among papers of W.D. Peck. Given to the Gray Herbarium by Samuel Henshaw. June 8, 1914"