Botany Libraries Inventories

Administrative Papers

General Administration, 1981-1989
Botany Libraries Advisory Committee, 1986-1989
Herbarium Library Executive Committee, 1981-1985
Gray/Arnold Library Committee, 1974-1980
Botany Libraries Annual Reports, 1959-1989
Botany Libraries Budgets, 1972-1989


Monthly Budget Statements:

Arnold Arboretum Library, 1985-1989
Farlow Reference Library, 1985-1989
Gray Herbarium Library, 1985-1989
Oakes Ames Libraries, 1986-1989 (incompl.)


Materials Management: Duplicates

Botany Libraries Selection Committee, 1987-1988
Botany Libraries Duplicate Serials, 1989
Gray/Arnold Duplicate Serials, 1986
Gray/Arnold Duplicate Serials Sale, 1970
List, 1969-1970
Correspondence, 1970-197
Receipts, 1970-1971
Farlow Books/Serials Withdrawn/Sold, 1982-1990
Farlow/Biolabs Books Transferred 1931-1965


Materials Management: Conservation/Preservation

Farlow Reference Library Archives Project
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Grant Proposal September 1978.
Gray/Arnold IMS Preservation Grant (Environmental Survey), 1988-1989
Gray/Arnold Massachusetts Council on the Arts & Humanities Conservation Proposals, 1971-1980 Gray/Arnold National Endowment for the Arts Conservation Proposal, 1983
National Science Foundation, Support of Botanical Systematic Collections Proposal [includes book conservation funds]
National Science Foundation, Support of Botanical Systematic Collections: List of books conserved
Gray/Arnold Title II-C Preservation Grants, 1981-1987
Gray/Arnold Titles Filmed/Conserved Records
Inter Documentation Company (IDC) Microfilm Projects Orders/Correspondence, 1970-1984
Damage Caused by Microfilming - Correspondence, 1987-1988 (to Dioscordes & Meckler)


Materials Management: Exhibitions

Arnold Library Centennial Exhibition Catalog and Guest Book, May 1972
Gray/Arnold Titles Used in American Society of Zoologists Exhibit at Widener, December 1989
Gray/Arnold Titles Used in Preservation Office Exhibit, September 1990
Gray/Arnold/Economic Botany Titles Used in Columbian Exchange Exhibition at Widener, October 1992
Gray/Arnold Titles, Invitation, Calendar, and Catalog for "Plants and the New World" exhibit at
Houghton, October, 1992


Library Issues:

Science Librarians Taxonomic Names/Subject Headings Discussions, 1979-1986