HUH Seminar Series - Yujing Yan


Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Online; Registration Required

Yujing Yan
HUH Research Fellow

Title: The evolution and biogeography of the tea family (Theaceae): From the past to the future

Abstract: Much of the diversity patterns we see today are linked to the past environment and reflect the variation in the processes of speciation, movement, and extinction. However, our understanding of how these processes jointly shaped the diversity patterns remains inadequate. The Tea family (Theaceae) has an unusual disjunctive distribution across the Pacific Ocean and a notable unbalance in species number among different groups. In this talk, I will present insights into the origin of the heterogeneity in large-scale evolutionary trends of the family from three aspects, namely, the biogeographical history, the evolutionary history of different genomic compartments, and the dispersal trait evolution. Such knowledge gained from the past may serve as basis to conserve the species in our era of rapid environmental change.

Yujing Yanimage of Theaceae flower and genetic tree

 Host Lab: Davis


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