An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes

August 15, 2018

Kanchi N. Gandhi, Senior Nomenclatural Registrar, has co-authored two new books on Indian Pteridophytes, An Annotated Checklist of Indian Pteridophytes Parts: 1 and 2 (2017, 2018). While ferns and fern-allies are well represented in India, the last published book covering the whole of India was a Nineteenth Century work. Since then, many names of genera and species have changed. The recent work in two parts has incorporated and evaluated modern research, detailing their types, synonyms and carefully revised distribution. Part 1, published in 2017, covers the families from Lycophytes to Thelypteridaceae, and the part 2, published in 2018, covers the families from Woodsiaceae to Dryopteridaceae.