Kanchi Gandhi receives recognition from Government of India

March 23, 2017
Dr. Kanchi Gandhi

Dr. Kanchi Gandhi, Senior Nomenclatural Registrar for the HUH, was invited back to India to teach the 2nd Botanical Nomenclature Course earlier this year. (The 1st Botanical Nomenclature Course, held in Kolkata in 2013, was also taught by Dr. Gandhi). The course goal is to increase understanding and teach the basics in plant nomenclature, as well as to clarify nomenclatural doubts and queries. It was organized by the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) and held in Pune in February 2017.

During his visit to India, Dr. Gandhi also taught two additional botanical nomenclature courses, gave several lectures around the country, and enjoyed a 40th reunion of his former students.

The Government of India has recognized Dr. Gandhi’s achievements and presented him with a certificate of appreciation. Congratulations, Kanchi!

Dr. Gandhi teachingAppreciation AwardPune GRoup