Artifacts & Specimens

The Botany Libraries and associated archives hold unique collections of artifacts and specimens in addition to materials associated with other herbaria collections.  

Artifacts and Specimens

Artifacts and Specimens A-C

Abbot, F. P.  Mosses of a young man's. 1840-1849 HOLLIS
Album [of European plants]. 1869 HOLLIS
Andrews, I. R., Mrs. Specimens of algae or sea mosses. 1851. HOLLIS
Armstrong, Mary Anne. The South Pacific fern album : New Zealand section... 1889 HOLLIS
Armstrong, C. C., Mrs.   New Zealand ferns. 1885 HOLLIS
Barratt, Joseph, 1796-1882. North American Carices. 1840 HOLLIS
Bertuch, Friedrich Justin, 1747-1822. Das Teutsche Herbarium als ein versinnlichender Apparat zu Bertuchs Tafeln... 1806 HOLLIS
Bigelow, Jacob. Herbarium: specimens collected on European trip, 1839. HOLLIS
Brunner, J.  Plantes de l’herbier de J. Brunner ... 1870 HOLLIS
Carruthers, Willilam. The Ferns of Moffatt. 1863. HOLLIS
Cheney, Charles Imogene, Mrs. Herbaria presented by Mrs. H.H.A. Beach. undated 
Cook, James. Beautiful seaweeds, illustrated by natural specimens. 1877. HOLLIS
Craig, Eric. New Zealand ferns. 1885 HOLLIS

Artifacts and Specimens D-J

Economic Botany Amber and Amerberoid Collection
Economic Botany Ivory and Silver Collection
Economic Botany Lacquer Collection
Farlow, W.G. Travelling set of New England mosses and hepatics, 1876-1917. HOLLIS
Fendler, Augustus. Portfolio of plant specimens. 1846-1848. HOLLIS
Fitch, Caroline M. Native plants. 1841-1880. HOLLIS
Flora Alpina. undated. HOLLIS
Gardiner, William, 1809-1852. British ferns and their allies. 1848 HOLLIS
Gautherot, C. Specimen of British trees and woods.... 1860 HOLLIS
Gray, Asa, 1810-1888. North American Gramineae and Cyperaceae. 1834 HOLLIS
Hale, Frances Fletcher. Algae. 1850s HOLLIS
Haley, George W., 1870-1954. Heaths of New England... undated HOLLIS
Harrison, E.C. Sea moss. 1870-1893. HOLLIS
Heard, Marion J. Montserrat ferns. undated HOLLIS
Jaffrey, P., Mrs. Darjeeling ferns. undated HOLLIS

Artifacts and Specimens K-R

Keller, Henry. Herbarium of the most important grasses of the field and forest. 1871 HOLLIS
Lathrop, E.B.C. Sea-mosses. Mid-to-late 1800s HOLLIS
Lomax, A. E. (Alban Edward), 1861-1894. Herbarium for pharmaceutical students. 1881 HOLLIS
Merrill, G.K. Mosses: Magnolia. 1901-1906. HOLLIS
Merrill, G.K. Mosses: Prospect Hill.. 1906. HOLLIS
Miscellaneous alge with minimal data. 1890-1900 HOLLIS
Moffat, J. C. The Ferns of Moffatt... 1863 HOLLIS
Moore, David, 1807-1879. Concise notices of British grasses best suited for agriculture... 1851 (HOLLIS) and 1856 (HOLLIS)
Natural illustrations of the British grasses. 1846 HOLLIS
Newhall, Charles S. The leaf-collector's hand-book and herbarium. 1891. HOLLIS
Nichols, Alice. Souvenir of Juan Fernandez. 1897. HOLLIS
Parry, William Edward, Sir, 1790-1855. Plants collected in Capt. Parry’s 2nd voyage... 1821 HOLLIS
Redfield, John Howard. Series of maps... 1868. HOLLIS
Robinson, Mary. Seaweed Prints. 1885 HOLLIS  Digital Collection
Roper, E.S. Algae from Swampscott, Mass. August 1866. HOLLIS

Artifacts and Specimens S-Z

Sartwell, Henry Parker, 1792-1867. Carices Americae septentrionalis exsiccatae. 1848 HOLLIS
Sea mosses from Sag Harbor. undated. HOLLIS
Sea moss, Catalina, California. undated. HOLLIS
Sea moss album, California. undated. HOLLIS
Sea moss album. undated. HOLLIS
Sea moss album. undated. HOLLIS
Seringe, N. C. (Nicolas Charles), 1776-1858. Ceres Helvetica. 1820 HOLLIS
Sharples, Stephen P.   Plants illustrating "American weeds and useful plants". undated HOLLIS
Sprague, Charles J., 1823-1903. United States grasses. 1860 HOLLIS
Staples, Beatrice Pretty. Herbarium and record... 1919. HOLLIS
Staples, George. Herbarium and record... 1919. HOLLIS
Stearns, M. L. Bound herbaria, circa 1820. HOLLIS
Sullivant, William Starling. Musci boreali-americani. 1856. HOLLIS
Svenska Växter i lorkate exemplar, V-VI. 1846 HOLLIS
Swett, George W. Flowers collected in Bad Soden, Germany, June & July, 1867 HOLLIS
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862.  Herbarium of Henry David Thoreau, 1850-1862 HOLLIS Digital Collection
Traill, George William. The marine algae of Joppa. 1886. HOLLIS
Traill, George William. A monograph of the algae of the Firth of Forth. 1885. HOLLIS
Tryon, Rolla M. Specimens mounted entirely by machine. 1944. HOLLIS
Young, Aaron, 1819-1898. A flora of Maine : illustrated with specimens from nature… 1848 HOLLIS
Young, Ed (Edward).  The ferns of Wales ... 1856 HOLLIS