Administrative Correspondence

The administrative correspondence of the Harvard University Herbaria is divided into two collections, the Historic Letter Collection and the General Administrative Correspondence Collection.

The Historic Letter Collection consists primarily of the personal correspondence of Asa Gray dating from 1830 to his death in 1888. The collection also includes letters to Sereno Watson and other members of the Gray Herbarium staff from 1870 to 1906.

The General Administrative Correspondence Collection represents the work of the various Gray Herbarium directors and other herbarium staff from 1890 to 1960. The letters document herbarium business with Harvard administration and suppliers, the collection and exchange of specimens, and scientific communications from other botanists, prospective students, and amateurs.

These two collections have been combined in the correspondence list below.  Contact the archivist if you have any questions about individual letters or correspondents.

Additional administrative records can be found in the personal papers of the herbaria directors and at the Harvard University Archives.

Correspondence A

Abbe, Ernst Cleveland  [See Also:  Alexander Forbes Papers]
Abrams, LeRoy
Ackland, Charles Thomas Dyke , Sir    
Ackland, Henry Wentworth, Sir
Adair, D. L.
Adam, Joseph G. [See Also: George E. Davenport Papers]
Adams, Charles Francis
Adams, Henry Brooks
Adams, J. Q.
Adams, John
Adams, Warren P.
Adolp, L. G.       
Aellen, Paul       
Agardh, Jakob Georg           
Agassiz, Alexander       
Agassiz, Elizabeth Cabot (nee Cary)           
Agassiz, Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe           
Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe  [See also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]   
Agate, Alfred T.  [See also:  Wiles Expedition Inventory]
Ahlner, Sten G.
Akiyama, Shigeo
Albertson, Alice Owen       
Alcock, Frederick James       
Alcott, William Penn       
Allen, Joel Asaph   
Allen, John Alphaeus       
Allen, Oscar Dana   
Allen, Timothy Field       
Allen, Abbie A.  [See also: George E. Davenport papers]
Allen, Arthur S.
Allen, Glover Morrill       
Allen, John Alpheus
Allen, Joseph   
Allen, Marion Ellena   
Allen, Oscar Dana
Allen, Paul Hamilton       
Allen, Timothy Field  [See also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Allis, James Ashton   
Allison, Andrew
Allorge, Pierre
Alm, Carl Gustaf
Almy, Roger Warren   
Alston, Arthur Hugh Garfit
Alvord, Benjamin
Ames, Mary E. Pulsifer
Ames, Blanche Ames
Ames, Oakes
Ami, Henry Marc  [See also: George Golding Kennedy Papers]
Ammidown, Lucius Edwin   
Anderson, Charles Lewis   
Anderson, Frederick William   
Anderson, Rufus
Anderson, Edgar Shannon   
Anderson, Isabel Wall   
Anderson, Lewis Edward
Anderson, Mary Perle
Anderson-Henry, Issac  [See also:  William Jameson Papers]   
Andersson, Nils Johan
Andersson, G.O.
Andre, Epuard-Francois       
Andres, Heinrich   
Andrews, Ebenezer Baldwin       
Andrews, Luman   
Andrews, William Edward       
Andrews, Albert LeRoy  [See also:  Arthur Stanley Pease Papers]
Andrews, Frank Marion
Andriessen,  Hugo  [See also:  George E. Davenport Papers]   
Angwin, F. Mrs.   
Annett, Albert
Anthony, John
Anthony, Alfred Webster
Anthony, Emilia Crane (nee Royce) [See also: George E. Davenport Papers]   
Apollinaire-Marie, Frere
Apollinar-Maria,  Hermano
Appel, Otto
Applegate, Elmer Ivan
Appleton, Francis Henry
Appleton, William Sumner
Appleton, William C.   
Arber, Agnes (nee Robertson)   
Arimoto, Shintaro       
Ariste, Frere Joseph     
Armitage, Eleonora
Arnott, George Walker
Arthur, Joseph Charles   
Ascherson, Paul Friedrich August       
Ashe, William Willard   
Atkins, Charles Duke
Atkins, Charles Grandison   
Atkins, Helen
Atkinson, George Francis
Atkinson, Julia Yerkes
Atkinson, Richard G.   
Atwater, C.B.
Atwell, Charles Beach
Atwood, Alice Cary
Atwood, Carl Edmund
Atwood, Wallace Walter
Audubon, John James  [See also:  Walter Deane Papers]
Auer, Vaino
Auriloz, P.   
Austin, Coe Finch
Austin, Rebecca Merritt
Austin, Ben W. [See also:  Walter Deane Papers]
Austin, S.W.
Autran, Eugene John Benjamin   
Avery, Amos Geer
Ayres, Helen F.

Correspondence B

Babcock, D. M., Mrs.
Babcock, Ernest Brown
Babcock, L.
Babington, Charles C.
Babington, Churchill
Bache, Alexander Dallas
Bachelot de la Pylaie, Auguste Jean Marie [See Also: A. J. M. Bachelot de la Pylaie Papers]
Backhouse, J.
Bacon, Anne Elizabeth
Bacon, Leonard
Baehni, Charles
Baenitz, Carl Gabriel
Bailey, Edward Munroe
Bailey, Ethel Zoe
Bailey, Frederick Manson
Bailey, Irving Widmer [See Also: I. W. Bailey Papers]
Bailey, J. W.
Bailey, Liberty Hyde [See Also: L. H. Bailey, Walter Deane, and Thomas Morong Papers]
Bailey, S. Waldo
Bailey, William Whitman [See Also: W. W. Bailey, Walter Deane, and Sereno Watson Papers]
Bailliere, H. E.
Baillon, Henri Ernest
Bain, Samuel McCutchen
Baird, Spencer Fullerton
Baird, Viola (nee Brainerd) [See Also: Brainerd, Viola]
Baker, A. Latham
Baker, C. F.
Baker, Charles Henry
Baker, Grace Bigelow
Baker, J. G.
Baker, Jessie Beal
Baker, John Gilbert
Baker, Marcus
Baker, Milo Samuel
Baker, Richard Thomas
Balbis, M.
Balch, Francis N.
Baldaccu, Antonio
Baldwin, Hannah M. [See Also: William Baldwin Papers]
Baldwin, Henry
Baldwin, William    [See Also: William Baldwin Papers]
Balfour, Issac Bayley, Sir
Balfour, J. H.
Ball, Carleton Roy
Ball, John
Ballard, S. J.
Ballou, Howard M.
Ballou, Sidney M.
Bang, M.
Banks, Joseph, Sir
Barber, Charles Alfred
Barber, Marshall Albert
Barbey, William
Barbour, J. H.
Barbour, Thomas
Barker, Michael
Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter
Barnes, Charles Reid [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Barnes, Kate L., Mrs. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Barnett, Evelyn S.
Barnette, G.
Barnhart, John Hendley
Barratt, Joseph [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Barrell, Joseph
Barrett, P. G., Mrs.
Barrett, Otis Warren
Barrett, R. L.
Barrows, John R.
Barry, Phillips
Bartlett, David
Bartlett, George Henry
Bartlett, H. F.
Bartlett, Harley Harris [See Also: Frank Shipley Collins Papers]
Bartram, Edwin Bunting
Bartram, John
Bartram, W.
Batalin, Alexander Feodorowicz
Batchelder, Charles Foster
Batchelder, F. W.   
Bates, John Mallery, Rev. [See Also: Arthur Stanley Pease Papers]
Bates, William H.
Baur, Georg
Baxter, Milton Stephen
Bay, Jens Christian Ballien
Beach, Amy M. (Mrs. H.A.A.)
Beadle, Chauncey Delos
Beal, William James
Beaman, John Homer
Beardslee, H. C.
Beattie, Rolla Kent
Beauchamp, W. M.
Beauvard, Gustave
Bebb, Anna E., Mrs.
Bebb, Arthur E.       
Bebb, Michael Schuck [See Also: Henry Griswold Jesup, Thomas Morong, and Walter Deane Papers]
Bebb, Robert       
Beccari, A.       
Beccari, Odoardo       
Bechtel, Albert Reiff       
Beck, Lewis Caleb [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Beck, T. R.       
Becker, Wilhelm       
Beguinot, Augusto       
Beijerinck, Martinus Willem       
Belding, L.       
Belhatte    , C.       
Bell, Albert Thomas
Bellas, James       
Bemis, Earl Wilson
Benedict, Helen       
Benke, Hermann Conrad
Benner, Winthrop E.
Bennett, A.
Bennett, Alfred W.       
Bennett, Arthur [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Bennett, James L.
Bennett, John J.
Bent, Allen H.
Bent, Arthur E.
Bentham, George
Bentley, Lloyd C.
Benton, L. E.
Berendt, C. H.
Bergdolt, Ernst F.
Bergen, Joseph Young
Berger, Alwin
Bergstedt, J. A.
Berkmans, P. J.
Berlandier, Jean Louis [See Also: J. L. Berlandier Papers]
Berrien, J. Macpherson
Berry, Edward Wilber
Berry, Samuel Stillman
Bessey, Charles Edwin
Bessey, Ernst Athearn
Best, George Newton
Bethel, Ellsworth
Bicknell, Eugene Pintard
Biddlecome, H. J., Miss
Bigelow, D. J.
Bigelow, Henry B.
Bigelow, Jacob [See Also: Jacob Bigelow Papers]
Bigelow, John Milton
Bigelow, Robert Payne
Bigelow, William Sturgis
Bijouwer, Jan Tijs Pieter [See Also: Byhouwer, Jan Tijs Pieter]
Billings, Frederick Horatio
Billington, Cecil
Bingham, Caroline P. (nee Lord) [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Bingham, R. F., Mrs.
Binney, Amos
Biovin, (Joseph Robert) Bernard [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Birkenhead, W. & J. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Bishop, James Nathaniel
Bissell, Charles Humphrey
Blachford, Frederic Rogers, Baron
Black, George Alexander
Black, John McConnell
Blake, J. Henry
Blake, Ralph S.
Blake, Sidney Fay [See Also: Merritt Lyndon Fernald and Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Papers]
Blake, W. R.
Blake, William P.
Blakeslee, Albert Francis
Blanchard, William Henry
Blanding, E. M.
Blankinship, Joseph William
Blaschka, Rudolf [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Blatchford, M. E.
Bliss, Lucy B.
Block, Rudolph
Blomquist, Hugo Leander
Bloomer, Hiram G. [See Also: William Henry Brewer Papers]
Blumer, J. C.
Blytt, Ascel
Boardman, Louisa (Louise)
Boas, Franz
Bocher, Tyge Wittrock
Boerlage, Jacob Gijsbert
Boissier, Caroline
Boissier, Edmond
Bolander, Henry Nicholas    [See Also: H. N. Bolander and William Henry Brewer Papers]
Bolus, Harry
Bolus, L., Mrs.
Bomhard, Miriam Lucile
Bonaparte, Roland Napoleon
Bonar, Lee
Bonati, Gustave Henri
Bond, George Phillips
Bond, Sarah A. C.
Bongard, Heinrich Gustav
Bonnet, Ed
Bonney , Thomas George
Bonnier, G.
Boott, Francis [See Also: Francis Boott Papers, Wilkes Expedition Inventory]
Boott, Kirk
Boott, Mary [See Also: Francis Boott Papers]
Boott, William [Thomas Morong Papers]
Borlase, William Copeland
Bornetz, E.
Bornmuller, Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus
Borodin, Dimitry N.
Borsh, William & Sons
Bory de St. Vincent
Borza, Alexandru
Bosch, R. B. van der
Boss, Nich G. [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Bossange, H. and sons Hector and Paul
Botteri, M.
Boulger, George S.
Bourn, Allan [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Bourquin, Fred [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Bouve, Thomas T.
Bower, F. O.
Bowman, Isaiah
Bowman, Paul William
Boyd, Louise Arner
Boyd, Lucy
Boyer, Zetta F.
Boykin, Samuel [See Also: Stephen Elliott Papers]
Brace, Charles Loring
Brace, John Pierce [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Bracelin, Nina Floy [See Also: Ynes Enriquetta Julietta Mexia Papers]
Brackenridge, William Dunlop [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]
Brackett, Amelia E.
Bradegee, Townshend Smith [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Bradford, E. H.
Bradford, F. L.
Bradford, Lodowick H.
Bradley, Cornelius Beach
Bradley, Lucy M.
Bradshaw, M. F.
Bragg, Laura Mary
Brainerd, Ezra [See Also: Walter Deane and George G. Kennedy Papers]
Brainerd, Viola [See Also: Baird, Viola (nee Brainerd)]
Bramwell, Frederick Joseph
Brand, August
Brandegee, Mary Katherine (Curran; nee Layne)
Brandegee, Townshend Stith [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Brass, Leonard John
Braun, Alexander
Braun, Emma Lucy
Braun-Blanquet, Josias
Braunton, Ernest H.
Bravo-Hollis, Helia
Bray, A. W. L.
Bray, William L.
Breitung, August J.
Brenckle, Jacob Frederic
Brendel, Fred       
Brewer, William Henry [See Also: W. H. Brewer and Henry Nicholas Bolander Papers]
Brewster, William       
Brezina, Aristides       
Bridge, Elizabeth C.       
Bridges, George       
Brierley, William Broadhurst       
Briggs, A. A.
Briggs, Lucia R.
Briggs, S. A.
Brigham, Charles Brooks
Brigham, Edwin H.
Brigham, Harry C.
Brigham, William Tufts [See Also: Horace Mann Papers]
Brigham, William [F.]  Tufts
Brill, E. J.
Brimmer, George
Brinker, Josiah H.   
Brinkman, Alfred Henry
Briquet, Esther
Briquet, John
Briquet, John Issac
Bristol, Bennet Beri   
Bristol, Gertrude Rexford
Bristol, Henry M.
Britnell, Albert
Brittain, John
Britten, James
Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude (nee Knight) [See Also: James Franklin Collins, George Edward Davenport, George G. Kennedy, and Thomas Morong Papers]
Britton, Nathaniel Lord [See Also: George Edward Davenport and Thomas Morong Papers]
Britton, Wilton Everett
Brizicky, George Konstantine
Broadhurst, Jean Alice
Broadway, Walter Elias
Brockhaus F. A.
Bromfield, Eliza
Bromfield, William Arnold
Brongniart, Adolphe
Brooks, William Keith
Brotherus, Victor Ferdinand
Brown, Addison [See Also George Edward Davenport Papers]
Brown, Demarchus C.
Brown, Ella Louise [See Also: Horr, Ella Louise (nee Brown)]
Brown, Franklin
Brown, S. A. [See Also George Edward Davenport Papers]
Brown, Stewardson
Browne, N. E.
Browne, Walter E. and Effie
Brues, Charles Thomas
Bruhin, Thomas Aquinas
Bruner, William Edward
Brunner, J.
Bruton, F. A.
Bryan, Kirk
Bryce, James
Brynton, F. E. [See Also: Charles Sprague Sargent Papers]
Buchenau, Franz
Buchholz, John Theodore
Buchtien, Otto
Buckley, Samuel Botsford [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Buckmans, I. J.
Buijsman, Marten [See Also: Buysman, Marten]
Buitenzorg, Java
Bumstead, Freeman Josiah   
Bunbury, Charles James Fox
Bunge, A. E.
Burdick, J. H.
Bureau, E.
Burgess, I. I. W. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Burgess, R.
Burgess, T. G. W.
Burgess, Thornton Waldo
Burnham, Florence I. W. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Burnham, Stuart H. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Burnham, Sue Mead
Burns, Helen H. [See Also: Davis, Helen H. Burns]
Burns, Vincent G.
Burr, Freeman Foster
Burt, Edward Angus
Burtt-Davy, Joseph [See Also: Davy, Joseph Burtt]
Buscalioni, Luigi
Buse, L. H.
Buser, Robert
Bush, A. E., Mrs. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Bush, B. J.
Bush, Benjamin Franklin [See Also: Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Papers]
Bustos, Marcial R. Espinosa
Buswell, E. W. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Butler, E. E. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Butler, Faustina [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Butler, George Dexter
Butler, Lois [See Also: Payson, Lois (nee Butler)]
Butters, Frederic King
Buttrick, Ernest G.
Butz, George C.
Buysman, Marten [See Also: Buijsman, Marten]
Bygden, L.
Byhouwer, Jan Tijs Pieter
Byington, Stephen T.
Byrd, R. E.

Correspondence C

Cabell, P. H.
Cabrera, Angel Lulio
Calderon, Salvador
Caldwell, Otis William
Calkins, William Wirt
Call, Richard Ellsworth
Calvert, Philip Powell
Cameron, Robert
Camp, Samuel Higby
Camp, Wendell Holmes  [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Campanella, Alfredo M.   
Campbell, Douglas H.
Campbell, John Pendleton
Campbell, Robert
Camus, Fernand Antonin
Camus, Jose Sevilla
Canby, William Marriott
Candolle, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyramus de  [See Also: Jean Louis Berlandier Papers]
Candolle, (Anne) Casimir Pyramus de
Candolle, (Richard Emile) Augustin de
Canfield, C. A.
Cannaday, John E.
Cannon, Walter Bradford
Cannon, William Austin   
Cantno, M.
Cantrall, Charles McKee   
Caravan, N.
Carey, Annette   
Carey, John
Carey, John Jr.
Carey, Samuel Thomas
Carleton, Mark Alfred
Carmin, Joseph   
Carmody, P.
Carnel, T.
Carpenter, Anna Elizabeth
Carr, Albert B.  [See Also:  Walter Deane Papers]
Carr, Lloyd George K.
Carr, W.P.
Carrasco, Leopoldo
Carriker, M.A., Jr.
Carruth, James Harrison
Carruth    , H. S.
Carruthers, William
Carson, J.
Carter, Maria E.
Carter, William R.
Casas, William B. de Las
Case, E. L.
Case, Marian Roby
Caspary    , Robert
Cassini, Henri
Cassino, Samuel Edson
Castellanos, Alberto
Castetter, Edward Franklin
Castle, William R., Jr.
Caswell, Alexis
Caswell, A.B.
Cathcart, Ellen W.
Catley, H.
Celarier, Robert P.
Cesati, Vincenzo Barone De
Chadbourne, Paul Ansel   
Chamberlain, Charles Joseph
Chamberlain, Edward Blanchard  [See Also:  James Franklin Collins Papers]
Chamberlin, Joseph Edgar
Chandonnet, Zephyrin Leonard   
Chapin, Walter Henry
Chapline, William Ridgely, Jr.
Chapman, Alvin Wentworth
Chapman, John W.
Charavay, Etienne
Chase, George C.
Chase, Agnes  [See Also: Walter Deane papers]
Chase, Virginius Heber
Chatin, Adolphe
Chatterton, F. W.
Cheeseman, Thomas Frederick    
Cheney, Clara Imogene
Cheney, Lellen Sterling   
Cheney, R.F.
Cherfils, Herbert
Chesley    , Charles Henry
Chesnut, Victor King
Chester, Grace Darling
Cheyney, Edward P.
Chickering, John White
Child, Horace Walter
Chipman, Marshall Mead   
Chipp, Thomas Ford
Chodat, Esther 
Chodat, Robert Hippolyte   
Choisy, Jacques Denys
Christ, (Konrad)Hermann Hein [See Also: Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Papers]
Christensen, Carl Frederik Albert
Christiansen, I . A.
Christie, John
Christopher, James W.   
Chrysler, Mintin Asbury   
Chubb, Roy
Churchill, Joseph Richmond  [See Also:  Walter Deane & Charles Weatherby Papers]
Claassen, E.
Claflin, Florence N. (Mrs. G. W.)   
Claflin, W.H. Jr.
Clark, Alvan
Clark, B. P.
Clark, Josephine A.
Clark, William B.
Clark, Alice L. (nee Grinnell)
Clark, Austin Hobart
Clark, H. S.
Clark, M. A.
Clark, Schuyler S.
Clark, Henry J.
Clarke, Benjamin
Clarke, C. C.   
Clarke, Charles Baron       
Clarke, Cora Huidekoper
Clarke, F. L.
Clarke, George K.
Clarke, John Mason
Clarke, Samuel Fessenden
Clarkson, Edward Hale
Claybrooke, G.
Claypole, Edward Waller
Clemens, Joseph, Rev.  [See Also:  David LeRoy Topping Papers]
Clemens, Mary Knapp (nee Strong) [See Also:  David LeRoy Topping  & C. W. Dodge Papers]
Clements, Frederic Edward
Cleveland, Daniel
Cleveland, G. F.
Cleveland, Parker
Cleveland, Alfred Alexander
Cleveland, Daniel  [See Also:  George Edward Davenport Papers]
Clinton, G. W.
Clinton, George Perkins   
Clokey, Ira Waddell  [See Also:  Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Close, O.E.
Clute, Willard Nelson
Cobb, Richard
Cobb, Collier
Cockayne, Leonard
Cockerell, Theodore Dru Allison   
Cocks, Reginald Wodehouse Somers
Coe, Mary Alma   
Cogniaux, (Celestin) Alfred  [See Also:  Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Papers]
Coker, William Chambers
Colcord, J. W.
Cole, Emma Jane
Cole, Leon Jacob
Coleman, Arthur Philemon
Coleman, Clyde B.
Colla, Luigi
Collins, Frank Shipley [See Also:  J.F. Collins, Thomas Morong Papers]
Collins, Holdridge Ozro   
Collins, James Franklin  [See Also:  J.F. Collins, W. W. Bailey, G. G. Papers]
Collins, Julius Lloyd
Collins, William Henry   
Collinson, P.
Combs, Mary E.   
Combs, Robert   
Commons, Albert
Comstock, Ada Louis
Comstock, John   
Conant, Woodbury Page
Conard, Henry Shoemaker
Conard, Thomas P.
Congdon, Joseph Whipple
Congreve, Richard
Constable, James
Constance, Lincoln
Conybeare, C. R.
Conzatti, Cassiano
Cook, Mabel Priscilla
Cook, Orator Fuller
Cooke, Edward William
Cooke, Josiah Parsons
Cooke, Adeline
Cooley, Grace Emily
Cooley, Robert Allen
Coolidge, Joseph
Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson
Coolidge, Archibald Cary
Coolidge, Charles Allerton
Coolidge, Harold Jefferson
Coons, George Herbert
Cooper, W.
Cooper, James Graham  [See Also:  William Henry Brewer Papers]
Cooper, William Skinner   
Copeland, Edwin Bingham
Copeland, Herbert Faulkner
Corbiere, Louis
Correa de Serra, Jose Francisco   
Cortlandt, C. E. van
Cory, Victor Louis
Cosson, Ernest   
Costick, Edwin H.
Cote, Samuel
Cottam, Walter Page
Cotton, John Storrs
Coues, Elliott
Coulter, Stanley   
Coulter    John Merle
Councilman, William Thomas
Cousin, H. H.
Couthouy, Joseph Pitty
Covell, Arthur J.
Coville, Frederick Vernon
Cowdry, Nathaniel Harrington
Cowell, John Francis
Cowles, Henry Chandler
Cox, Alvin Joseph
Cox, Lester E.
Cragin, Francis Whittemore
Craib, William Grant
Craig, Moses
Cram, Franklin Webster
Cram, George W.
Cram, Victor S.   
Cramer, Charles   
Crandall, Charles Spencer
Cratty, Robert Irvin  [See Also:  Thomas Morong Papers]
Craven, Allan B.   
Crawe, J. B.
Crawford, Matthew A.
Crawford, David Livingston
Crawford, James Alfred
Crawford, Joseph
Crepin, Francoise
Croizat, Leon Camille Marius  [See Also:  Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Croll, Albert Ivins
Cross, Charles Robert
Cross, W.O.
Cross, Wilbur Lucius
Cuming, Hugh
Cummings, Henry
Cummings, Clara Eaton   
Cunningham, H. E.
Curran, Mary K.   
Curran, Hugh McCollum   
Curtis, Charles A.
Curtis, Moses Ashley
Curtis, Anita Grosvenor   
Curtis, Carlton Clarence   
Curtis, Charles L.
Curtiss, Allen Hiram  [See Also:  Thomas Morong Papers]
Cushing    , Harvey
Cushman, Hannah Mary   
Cusick, William Conklin
Cutler, Mary S. (Miss)
Cutler, Elliott Carr   
Cutter, Ephraim   

Correspondence D

Da Fonseca, O.
Dahl, Richard S.
Dahlgren, Eric, (Bror Eric)
Dahlstedt, Hugo Gustav Adolf
Dall, William Healey
Dallas, George Mifflin
Daly, Reginald Aldworth
Dame, Lorin Low [See Also: George Edward Davenport and Thomas Wentworth Higginson Papers]
Dammer, (Carl Lebrecht) Udo
Dana, Edward Salisbury
Dana, James D.
Dana, James Dwight
Dana, Richard Henry
Dandeno, James Brown
Danforth, Allen
Daniels, Francis Potter
Danser, Benedictus Hubertus
Darby, J.
Darling, Cyrus
Darling, Nancy [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Darling, Noyes [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Darlington, S. P.
Darlington, Henry Townsend
Darlington, William [See Also: William Baldwin and Stephen Elliott Papers]
Darnell-Smith, George Percy
Darwin, Charles
Darwin, Francis
Darwin, Sara
Darwin, W. E.
Daubeny, Charles
Dautun, Henry
Davenport, Charles Benedict
Davenport, Elizabeth Braxton [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Davenport, George Edward [See Also: G. E. Davenport and C. A. Weatherby Papers]
Davenport, Mary Elizabeth
Davidson, Anstruther
Davidson, John
Davidson, Mary Elizabeth Spence
Davies, David Charles
Davis, Arthur G.
Davis, Bradley Moore
Davis, Charles Albert
Davis, Charles Henry
Davis, Donald Walton
Davis, Helen H. Burns
Davis, John
Davis, John Jefferson
Davis, Joseph Barnard
Davis, Kary Cadmus
Davis, Simon
Davis, William Morris
Davy, Joseph Burtt
Dawkins, William Boyd
Dawson, Alden Benjamin
Dawson, George Mercer
Dawson, J.
Dawson, Jackson Thornton
Dawson, John William
Day, Arthur Louis
Day, David Fisher
Day, Mary Anna
Day, May E.
De Candolle, Augustin [See Also: Candolle, (Richard Emile) Augustin de]
De Candolle, Casimir [See Also: Candolle, (Anne) Casimir Pyramus de]
de la Cruz, J. S.
De Meritte, Edwin
De Toni, Giuseppe
De Wilderman, Emile Auguste Joseph
Deam, Charles Clemon
Dean, Dorothy
Dean, Elizabeth Mosley
Dean, James
Deane, Charles
Deane, Walter [See Also: Walter Deane, G. G. Kennedy, W. W. Bailey, J. F. Collins, Thomas Morong, William Oakes, and A. S. Pease Papers]
Dearborn, George Van Ness
Dearborn, J. G.
Dearness, John
Decaisne, Joseph
Degen, Arpad von
Delabarre, Edmund Burke
Delachaux, Enrique A. S.
Deladrier, E.
Delano, Frederic A.
Delessert, Benjamin
Delile, Alire Raffeneau
Delpino, Federico
Demcker, Robert
Demetrio, C. M. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Demetrio, Carl Hermann
Demille, John B.
Denis, Marcel
Descole, Horacio R.
Desfontaines, Rene Louiche
Desvaux, Auguste Nicaise
Detmers, Freda
Deuel, Julia M.
Devine, Edward Thomas
Dewar, Daniel
Dewart, Frederick Wesley
Dewey, Charles A.
Dewey, Chester
Dewey, Davis Rich
Dewey, Lyster Hoxie
Dewing, Vincent
Dickerson, Mahlon
Dickey, Samuel Scott
Dickson, John Martin
Diels, (Friedrich) Ludwig Emil [See Also: Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Papers]
Diers, L.
Dingler, Hermann
Dinsmore, John Edward
Dinter, Kurt
Dixon, Hugh Neville
Dixon, Roland Burrage
Dixwell, E. S.
Dixwell, J. J.
Dobbin, Frank
Docters Van Leeuwen, Willem Marius
Docturowsky, Waldimir
Dodd, Charles
Dodge, Charles Keene
Dodge, Frederic
Dodge, Raymond [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Dodge, Raynal [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Dodson, William Rufus
Dole, Nathan Haskell
Domin, Karel
Dominguez, Juan Anibal
Domke, Walter
Donat, Arturo
Doran, S. L.
Doran, William Leonard
Dore, William George
Dorfler, Ignaz
Dorfler, Marie (nee Reichel)
Dorr, George Bucknam
Dowell, Philip
Downing, Andrew Jackson
Draenert, Ida
Drayton, Joseph [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]
Drege, Jean Francois
Driggs, Alfred Waldo
Drikie, G.
Drouet, Francis Elliott
Druce, George Claridge
Drude, Oscar
Druery, Charles Thomas
Drushel, Jacob Andrew
DuBois, Constance G.
Dubuar, James Francis
Duby, Jean Etienne
Ducie, Henry John Reynolds Moreton, Lord
Dudgeon, Winfield Scott
Dudley, William Russell [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Dudley, Margaret Gertrude
Duff, Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant
Duges, Alfredo Augusto Delsescautz
Duggar, Benjamin Minge
Dukes, W. C. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Dunant, Phil.
Dunbar, Boyd Higgins
Dunbar, Effie E.
Dunbar, Henry Fowler
Dunbar, John
Duncan, Robert Eli
Dunham, Elizabeth Maria [See Also: James Franklin Collins Papers]
Duniway, Clyde Augustus
Dunlap, Albert Atkinson
Dunlop, Walter Scott
Durand, Asher Brown
Durand, Elias (Elie Magloire) [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Durand, Elias Judah
Durand, Theophile Alexis
D'Urban, William Stewart Mitchell
Dusen, Per Karl Hjalmar
Duthie, Augusta Vera
Dutton, Dura Lewis
Dutton Brothers
Dwight, Jr., Jonathan
Dyer, William Turner Thiselton
Dyke, Arthur C., Mrs.
Dykes, William Rickatson
Dyson, J. W.

Correspondence E

Eames, Arthur Johnson
Eames, Edward Ashley
Eames, Edwin Hubert [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Eames, Isabel Ransome Morey
Earle, Franklin Sumner
Earle, Mary Tracy
East, Edward Murray
Eastman, Helen
Eastman, Mary F.
Easton, M. W.
Eastwood, Alice [See Also: Alice Eastwood Papers]
Eaton, Alvah Augustus [See Also: A. A. Eaton and Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Eaton, Amos
Eaton, Constance
Eaton, Daniel Cady [See Also: G. E. Davenport, Edward Palmer, and Charles Wright Papers]
Eaton, George Francis
Eaton, Lillian O.
Eaton, Richard Jefferson
Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy
Edmondson, Thomas William
Edwards, William [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Egerton, John Bernard
Eggers, Henrik Franz Alexander, Baron von
Eggert, Henry
Eggimann, Ch.
Eggleston, Willard Webster
Ehlers, Anna E.
Ehlert, Rudolf W.
Eichler, August Wilhelm
Eights, James
Ekblaw, Walter Elmer
Ekman, Elisabeth
Ekman, Erik Leonard
Eliot, Charles William
Eliot, Samuel A.
Eliot, William Greenleaf
Elives, W. J.
Elliot, Mary
Elliott, Stephen [See Also: Stephen Elliott and Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Elliott, William H.
Ellis, E. A.
Ells, George Percy
Ellsworth, W. J.
Elmer, Adolph Daniel Edward
Elwell, Levi Henry
Emerson, Edward Waldo
Emerson, George Barrell
Emerton, Ephraim
Emerton, James Henry
Emmons, Ebenezer [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Emory, William Hemsley
Enander, Sven Johan
Endicott, A. L.
Endicott, Charlotte M.
Endicott, William
Engelmann, George [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Engelmann, Henry [See Also: George Engelmann Papers]
Engle, (Luella) Blanche [See Also: Trask, (Luella) Blanch (nee Engle)]
Englemann, George Julius [See Also: George Engelmann Papers]
Englemann, Wilhelm
Engler, (Heinrich Gustav) Adolf
Engler, Adolf
Epling, Carl Clawson
Erlanson, Carl Oscar
Erlanson, Eileen Jessie (nee Whitehead)
Ernst, Harold Clarence
Ervendberg, Ludwig Cachand
Espinosa Bustos, Marcial R.
Estrada, Jose Manuel [See Also: William Jameson Papers]
Evans, Alexander William [See Also: James Franklin Collins Papers]
Evans, Arthur Thompson
Evans, John
Evans, Morgan William
Evans, Walter Harrison
Everett, Edward
Everett, H. L.
Evermann, Barton Warren
Ewart, Alfred James
Exell, Arthur Wallis
Eyerdam, Walter J.

Correspondence F

Faegri, Knut
Fagley, Frederick Louis
Fairchild, David Grandison
Faithfull, Fanny
Falconer, Robert Alexander, Sir
Falconer, William
Farlow, Lilian Horsford [See Also: Horsford, Lilian]
Farlow, William Gilson [See Also: J. F. Collins, G. G. Kennedy, and B. L. Robinson Papers]
Farnham, Mary Frances
Farr, Edith May
Farrand, Beatrix Cadwalader (nee Jones)
Farrar, E.
Farrar, Edward R.
Farwell, Oliver Atkins [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Fassett, Norman Carter
Faull, Joseph Horace
Faunce, William Herbert Perry
Faure, Alphonse
Fauvel, Bertram A.
Fawcett, William
Faxon, Charles Edward [See Also: C. E. Faxon and George G. Kennedy Papers]
Faxon, Edwin [See Also: Walter Deane and Thomas Morong Papers]
Faxon, Walter [See Also: George G. Kennedy Papers]
Featherly, Henry Ira
Feay, W. F.
Fedde, Friedrich Karl Georg
Fedtschenko, Boris Alexjewitsch
Fee, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire
Felippone, Florentino
Fellows, Dana Willis
Felton, Cornelius Conway
Fendler, Augustus
Fenneman, Nevin Melancthon
Fenno, Frank Ernest
Fenzi, Emanuele Orazio
Fenzl, Eduard
Ferguson, Alexander McGowen
Ferguson, Margaret Clay
Ferguson, W. M.
Ferguson, William Cashman
Fernald, Adelbert
Fernald, Katharine
Fernald, Merritt Caldwell
Fernald, Merritt Lyndon [See Also: M. L. Fernald Papers]
Fernow, Bernhard Eduard
Ferrero, Frances L.
Ferrin, Dana Holman
Ferris, Gordon Floyd
Fewkes, J. Walter
Fiebrig-Gertz, Anna
Fiebrig-Gertz, Karl
Field, Sara B. (Mrs. Charles M.)
Fielding, H. B.
Fink, Bruce
Finn, William
Fischer, F. E. L.
Fischer, Oscar Edward
Fischer, Walter
Fischer von Waldheim, Alexander Alexandrowitj
Fisher, Arthur
Fisher, Elmon McLean
Fisher, Frances
Fisher, George Clyde
Fisher, George Park
Fisher, Hiram Lanning
Fisher, Horace N.
Fisher, Richard Thornton
Fisher, Ruth B.
Fisk, Mary Evelyn
Fiske, John
Fiske, Winifred Amy Alderton
Fitch, Mrs. D. B.
Fitzpatrick, Harry Morton
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Jefferson
Flach, Joao Miguel
Flahault, Charles Henri Marie
Fletcher, Carrie H.
Fletcher, Emily Frances
Fletcher, James [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Fletcher, Sherman H.
Fling, Eva Myrtelle [See Also: Roush, Eva Myrtelle (nee Fling)]
Flint, Esther M.
Flint, Lewis Herrick
Flint, Richard Foster
Flint, William Francis
Floderus, Bjorn Gustaf Oscar
Florin, (Carl) Rudolf
Flory, Jr., Walter Samuel,
Flower, William Henry, Sir
Floyd, Frederick Gillan [See Also: F. G. Floyd and George G. Kennedy Papers]
Flugel, Felix
Flynn, Nellie Francena (nee Waite)
Focke, Wilhelm Olbers
Fogg, John Milton
Folsom, Amy
Folsom, Susanna Sarah
Foote, Albert E.
Forbes, Alexander [See Also: Alexander Forbes Papers]
Forbes, Charles Noyes
Forbes, Edith E.
Forbes, Edward Waldo
Forbes, Fayette Frederick
Forbes, Francis Blackwell
Forbes, Henry Ogg
Forbes, Nina M.
Forbes, William Cameron
Ford, H. C.
Ford, Worthington Chauncey
Forshey, C. G.
Fortin, Joseph
Forwood, W. H.
Fossum, Andrew
Foster, Michael
Foster, Robert Crichton
Foucaud, Julien
Fournier, E.
Fowle, William C.
Fowler, James
Fox, Anna Marie
Fox, W. Sherwood
Foxworthy, Frederick William
Franceschi, Francesco
Franchet, Adrien
Frank, Joseph C.
Franklin, Henry James
Fraser, Helen Charlotte Isabella [See Also: Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen Charlotte Isabella]
Fredholm, Adolf John August
Fredholm, Carrie (Mrs. Adolph J. A.)
Free, Edward Elway
Free, Montague
Freeman, George Fouche
Freeman, Harriet E.
Fremantle, William Henry
Fretz, Clayton Detweiler
Fries, Elias Magnus
Fries, (Klas) Robert Elias
Fries, Theodor Magnus
Fries, Thore Christian Elias
Fritsch, Karl
Froderstrom, Harald August
Frost, Charles Christopher
Frost, Paul
Fry, E. Portsmouth, M. and Roger E.
Fry, E., Lord Justice
Frye, Theodore Christian
Fuentes (Maturana), Francisco
Fuertes Loren, Miguel Domingo
Fuller, Albert Morse
Fuller, Ella M.
Fuller, George Damon
Fuller, Medora O.
Fuller, Timothy Otis
Fulton, Maurice G.
Furbish, Kate
Furlong, Charles Wellington
Furlong, Martin W.

Correspondence G

Gage, Andrew Thomas
Gager, Charles Stuart
Gail, Floyd Whitney
Gaiser, Lulu Odell
Galloway, Beverly Thomas
Gamble, James Sykes
Gandoger, Michel
Ganong, William Francis
Garay, Leslie A.
Garber, A. P.
Garcke, August
Gardiner, John Hays
Gardner, Grace Brown
Gardner, John L.
Gardner, T. S.
Garman, Samuel
Garrett, Albert Osbun
Garrison, Wendell Phillips
Gates, David
Gates, Frank Caleb
Gates, Marie Carmichael [See Also: Stopes, Marie Charlotte Carmichael]
Gates, Reginald Ruggles
Gattinger, Augustin
Gatty, Horatia K. F.
Gauba, Erwin
Gaumer, George Franklin
Gautier, Gaston
Gay, Jacques
Gedney, Albert G.
Geheeb, Adalbert
Geiser, Samuel Wood
Gelting, Paul Emil Elliot
Genty, Paul Andre
Gerard, John N.
Gerard, William Ruggles [See Also: W. R. Gerard Papers]
Gerrish, Willard Peabody
Gerry, Eloise
Gershoy, Alexander Morris
Gesner, Conrad
Gibbes, Lewis Reeve
Gibbes, Maria H.
Gibbes, S. P.
Gibbs, George
Gibbs, W. B. [See Also: George G. Kennedy Papers]
Gibson, Alice E.
Gibson, Elsie
Gilbert, Benjamin Davis [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Gilbert, Joseph Henry
Gilchrist, Maude
Gilg, Ernst Friedrich
Gilkey, Helen Margaret
Gill, Theodore Nicholas
Gillespie, James L.
Gillespie, John Wynn
Gillett, Edward [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Gillman, Henry
Gilly, Charles Louis
Gilman, Marshall French
Gilmore, Melvin Randolph
Gilson, F. H.
Girard, J. B.
Glatfelter, Noah Miller
Gleason, Henry Allan
Gleason, Herbert Wendell
Glenn, Leonidas Chalmers
Gluck, Hugo
Gocker, Marie
Goddard, Paul Beck
Godet, Charles Henry
Godfrey, Charles Cartlidge
Goethart, Jan Willem Christiaan
Goff, Emmett Stull
Goldie, James
Goldie, John
Goldsmith, Peter H., Rev.
Gollan, William
Gomez de la Maza y Jimenez, Manuel
Good, Ronald D'Oyley
Goodale, George Lincoln [See Also: George G. Kennedy Papers]
Goodale, Henrietta
Goodale, Joseph Lincoln
Goodale, Alfred Shepard
Goodall, Natalie de
Goode, George Brown
Goode, John Paul
Goodell, Abner Cheney
Goodrich, Lucy Leonora [See Also: Hutchinson, Lucy Leonora]
Goodrich, J. C., Mrs.
Goodson, Orr
Goodspeed, Thomas Harper
Goodwin, George G.
Gorman, Martin W.
Gorz, Rudolf
Gottsche, Bertha
Gottsche, Karl Moritz
Gould, Alice Bache
Gould, Benjamin Apthorp
Gould, Charles Newton
Gould, Sydney Ward
Gozzaldi, Mary Isabella James de
Grady, Benjamin Franklin
Graham, J. D.
Graham, Robert
Grant, Adele Gerard
Grant, George Barnard
Grant, John Marshall
Grant, Martin Lawrence
Gravatt, George Flippo
Graves, Charles Burr
Graves, Edward Willis [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Graves, James Ansel
Gravis, Auguste
Gray, Alice A. [See Also: Asa Gray Papers]
Gray, Asa
Gray, Edward I.
Gray, Frederick William
Gray, George Zabriskie
Gray, J. H.
Gray, Jane Lathrop Loring
Gray, John Edward
Gray, Netta Elizabeth
Gray, W. A. G.
Greely, Adolphus Washington
Green, Arnold
Green, Charles R.
Green, Ernest E.
Green, Mary Letitia
Green, Traill
Greene, Benjamin D.
Greene, Edward Lee [See Also: Walter Deane and Thomas Morong Papers]
Greene, M. M. Q.
Greenman, Jesse More
Greenough, Frances Boott
Greenough, James Bradstreet
Greenway, James
Gregg, Clifford Cilley
Gregg, Josiah
Gregory, Emily Lovira
Gregory, Herbert Ernest
Grenfell, Anne
Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason
Greville, Robert Kaye
Grevillius, Anders Yngve
Grey, Robert Melrose
Griffin, Delia Isabel
Griffiths, David
Grigg, Frederic William
Griggs, Robert Fiske
Grilli, Marcello
Grimes, Earl Jerome [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Grimes, Eileen Jesse
Grinnell, Alice L.
Grinnell, G. Lorraine
Grinnell, George H.
Grinnell, Joseph
Griscom, Ludlow [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Griscom, Ludlow, Mrs.
Grisebach, August Heinrich Rudolf
Groff, George Weidman
Groh, Herbert
Gross, C. A.
Gross, H.
Gross, Rudolf
Groth, Benno Humbert Alfred
Grout, Abel Joel [See Also: James Franklin Collins Papers]
Grover, Frederick Orville
Gruber, Calvin Luther
Grunow, J. & W.
Guerin, Paul Emile Alexis
Guerrero, Emilio
Guiney, G.
Gunckel Luer, Hugo
Gunderson, Alfred Ludvig Georg
Gurke, M.
Gussone, Joannes
Gustafsson, Carl Emil
Gutterson, Myron Edwards
Guyot, Arnold Henry
Gwynne-Vaughan, Helen Charlotte Isabella

Correspondence H

Haberer, Joseph Valentine
Hackel, Eduard
Hacker, William Esles
Hadamard, Jacques
Hadley, George
Hadley, James
Hagen, Hermann August
Hagerup, Olaf
Hagstrom, Johan Oskar
Halacsy, Eugen von
Haldeman, Samuel Stehman
Hale, Edward Everett
Hale, J.
Hale, Josiah
Haliburton, John P.
Hall, Carlotta Case
Hall, Elihu
Hall, Ellen Page
Hall, Fannie S.
Hall, Franklin Wilson
Hall, Granville Stanley
Hall, H. R.
Hall, Harvey Monroe
Hall, John Galentine
Hall, Elihu
Hallier, Hans Gottfried
Hallowell, Susan Maria
Haman, Miles
Hamblin, Stephen Francis
Hamet, Raymond
Hamlet, F. S.
Hamlin, Hannibal
Hammond, George Warren
Hanbury, Dan
Hance, Henry Fletcher
Handel-Mazzetti, Heinrich Raphael Eduard, Freiherr von
Handy, Louise Holmes
Hanes, Charles S.
Hanes, Clarence Robert
Hanmer, Charles C. [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Hannig, Emil Julius
Hans, Amedee Joseph, Mrs.
Hansen, Albert August
Hansen, George
Hansen, Hans Molholm
Hanson, Raymond E.
Hanson, Herbert Christian
Hanson, Herman Herbert
Hapemen, Harry
Hara, Hiroshi
Harden, William
Harding, Edward
Harger, Edgar Burton
Harkness, Harvey Willson
Harlan, Richard
Harlow, Sarah Havens
Harper, Roland McMillan
Harrington, Charles
Harris, George
Harris, James Arthur
Harris, Stuart Kimball
Harris, Thaddeus William [See Also: T. W. Harris Papers]
Harris, Sydney
Harrison, Arthur Kenyon
Harrison, Carrie
Harrison, Florence E.
Harrison, John Burchmore
Harrison, Kenneth Archibald
Harshberger, John William
Harthaway, Charles A.
Hartman, Carl Vilhelm
Hartog, Marcus Manuel
Hartweg, Theodor
Harvey, Francis LeRoy
Harvey, LeRoy Harris
Harvey, Moses
Harvey, William Henry [See Also: Charles Wright Papers]
Hasbrouck, Lascelles
Haskin, Leslie Loren
Hasse, Hermann Edward
Hassler, Emil
Hatfield, Henry Rand
Hauman, Lucien
Havard, Valery
Haven, Herbert M. W.
Haviland, George Darby
Hawes, Charles Henry
Hay, George Upham
Hayakawa, S.
Hayden, Ada
Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer
Hayek, August von
Hayes, Anna G.
Hazen, Lucia Washburn
Hazen, Tracy Elliot
Heading, Alice J.
Heald, Frederick DeForest
Heckel, Edouard Marie
Heddle, John Ronald
Hedgcock, George Grant
Heer, Oswald
Hegner, Robert William
Heilborn, Otto
Heilprin, Angelo
Heim, Frederic Louis
Heimerl, Anton
Heimerl, Anton
Heimlich, Louis Frederick
Heller, Amos Arthur
Heller, Edmund
Helmrich, Harold E.
Hemsley, William Botting
Henderson, Louis Forniquet
Henderson, Yandell
Henrard, Jan Theodoor
Henry, Augustine
Henry, I. I. R.
Henry, Joseph
Henry, Mary
Henry, Joseph Kaye
Henshaw, Samuel
Henslow, George
Henslow, John Stevens
Herincq, Francois
Hermannsson, H.
Herrera, Alfonso Luis
Herrera y Garmendia, Fortunato Luciano
Herriot, William
Herschel, John
Hertrich, William
Hervey, Eliphalet Williams
Heuvrard, Henri
Heward, Robert
Hewitt, John
Hibino, Shinichi
Hicken, Christobal Maria
Hicks, George Claude
Hicks, Gilbert Henry
Hiern, William Philip
Hieronymus, George Hans Emmo Wolfgang
Higbee, Harry George
Higgins, Bascombe Britt
Higginson, Storrow
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth [See Also T. W. Higginson Papers]
Hight, George Ainslie
Higley, William Kerr
Hildebrand, Fr. A.
Hilgard, Eugene Woldemar
Hill, Albert I.
Hill, Arthur William, Sir
Hill, Ellsworth Jerome [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Hill, Henry Barker
Hill, Thomas
Hillebrand, Wilhelm [See Also: William Henry Brewer Papers]
Hillebrand, William
Hillhouse, Julian G.
Hilmers, C. T.
Hinckley, Frank Caspar
Hinckley, L. C.
Hinckley, Sara
Hincks, William
Hindshaw, Henry H.
Hinkley, F. E.
Hinton, George B.
Hioram, Brother
Hirsch, Gottwalt Christian
Hirschy, Noah Calvin
Hirzel, B.
Hitchcock, Albert Spear [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Hitchcock, Charles Henry
Hitchcock, Edward
Hitchcock, Emily [See Also: Terry, Emily (nee Hitchcock)]
Hitchings, E. H.
Hobart, Mary F.
Hochreutiner, Benedict Pierre Georges
Hochreutiner, Rene
Hodge, Walter Henricks
Hoehne, Frederico Carlos
Hoernle, Reinhold Friedrich Alfred
Hoffmann, Frederick
Hoffmann, Ralph
Hohenkirk, Ludovic Smith
Holbrook, Ralph A.
Holcomb, Irving
Holcomb, Mary L.
Holder, William [See Also: William Henry Brewer Papers]
Hollick, Charles Arthur
Hollingsworth, Rose
Hollister, Ned
Holloway, Ancil D.
Holm, Theodor
Holman, Richard Morris
Holmes, A. F.
Holmes, Oliver Wendell
Holton, J. F.
Holway, Edward Willet Dorland
Holway, Mary Ellen
Holzinger, John Michael
Hood, Samuel C.
Hooker, Frances Harriet (nee Henslow)
Hooker, Henrietta Edgecomb
Hooker, Hyacinth
Hooker, Joseph Dalton [See Also: Francis Boott Papers]
Hooker, William Jackson
Hooper, Edward William
Hooper, Franklin William
Hoopes, Joshua
Hope, Thomas
Hopkins, Lewis Sylvester
Hopkins, Milton
Hoppe, David Heinrich
Hoppin, James Mason
Hoppin, Ruth
Horne, Mary Tracy
Horneman, J. W.
Horner, Charlotte Nichols
Horner, John Francis Fortescue
Horr, Ella Louise
Horr, Worthie Harold
Horsford, E. M.
Horsford, F. H.
Horsford, Katharine
Horsford, Lilian [See Also: Farlow, Lilian Horsford]
Horton, Frances Belle [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Horvath, Giovanni
Hosmer, Alfred Winslow
Hosmer, Eliza [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Hosmer, Jane
Hosmer, Ralph
Hosseus, Carl Curt
Hotson, John William
Hottes, Alfred Carl
Hough, Jennie Myrtle
Hough, Romeyn Beck
Houghton, Clement S.
Houghton, Florence Gildersleeve
Houghton, George M.
House, Homer Doliver
Hovgaard, William
Howard, Albert Andrew
Howard, Charles Walter
Howard, Leland Ossian
Howard, Richard Alden
Howe, Caroline G.
Howe, Elliot Calvin
Howe, Marshall Avery
Howe, Reginald Heber
Howell, John Thomas
Howell, Joseph
Howell, Thomas
Howell, Thomas Jefferson [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Howland, Eliza W.
Howland, Henry Raymond
Howland, Joseph
Howley, James Patrick
Howson, U.
Hoyle, Raphael
Hoyle, William Evans
Hoysradt, Lyman Henry
Hua, Henri
Hubbard, Frederic Tracy
Hubbard, Henry Vincent
Hubby, Frank W.
Huber, Jacob
Huguenin, Mathilde
Hull, Edwin Dillman
Humbert, Henri
Hume, Hardrada Harold
Hume, Joseph Burnley
Humphreys, A. A.
Hunnewell, Francis Welles
Hunnewell, Horatio Hollis
Hunnewell, Louisa
Hunt, Catharine C.
Hunt, Harrison Randall
Hunt, Reid
Hunt , Thomas Sterry
Hunter, C. L.
Hunter, Mabel Reynolds
Huntington, Frederick Daniel
Huntington, George Putnam
Huntington, John Warren
Huntsman, Archibald Gowanlock
Hurlbut, Byron Satterlee
Hus, Henri Theodore Antoine de Leng
Husley, E.
Husnot, Pierre-Tranquille
Hutchinson, Lucy Leonora [See Also: Goodrich, Lucy Leonora]
Hutchinson, S. A.
Hutchison, Claude Burton
Hutton, W. R. [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]
Hyams, M. E.

Correspondence I-J

Ilvessalo, Yrjo
Ingraham, F. B.
Ingraham, R. H.
Irmscher, Edgar
Irwin, Agnes
Iverslie, P. P.
Ives, D. O.
Iyengar, Mandayam Osuri Parthasarathy
Jack, James Robertson
Jack, John George
Jackson, Anna P.
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon
Jackson, Benjamin Daydon
Jackson, Charles Loring
Jackson, Charles Loring [See Also: Asa Gray Papers]
Jackson, Charles Thomas
Jackson, Herbert Spencer
Jackson, Howard B.
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Marian C.
Jackson, Robert Tracy
Jackson-Smale, Jon
Jaco Bron, William
Jacot, Arthur Paul
Jaeger, Edmund Carroll
Jaffuel, Felix
Jagemann, Hans Carl Gunther von
Jaggar, A. Louise
Jaggar, Thomas Augustus
James, Henry
James, Isabella Batchelder
James, James
James, Joseph Francis
James, Thomas Potts [See Also: Thomas Potts James and Sereno Watson Papers]
James, W. Powell
James, William
Jameson, William [See Also: William Jameson Papers]
Jansson, Kaleb Paullinius
Jaqua, Paul Vernon
Jared, Lorenzo Dow
Jarvis, Chester Deacon
Jeffers, George William
Jeffrey, Edward Charles
Jelliffe, Smith Ely
Jenkins, Anna Eliza
Jenks, Albert Ernest
Jenks, Charles William
Jenks, Elisha T.
Jenman, George Samuel
Jenney , Charles Francis
Jenney, Charles E.
Jenney, Lora P.
Jenney, W.L.B.
Jennings , Otto Emery
Jennings, Herbert Spencer
Jennison, Harry Milliken
Jepson, Willis Linn
Jesup, Henry Griswold [See Also: H. G. Jesup Papers]
Jeswiet, Jacob
Jewell, Herbert Winship
Jobe, Mary L.
Johns, Minnie Rae
Johnson, A.J.
Johnson, Arthur Monrad
Johnson, Duncan Starr
Johnson, Frank William
Johnson, Grace Pettis [See Also: C. A. Weatherby Papers]
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, John P.
Johnson, Lorenzo Nickerson
Johnson, Robert Underwood
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Walter R.
Johnston, Earl Lynd
Johnston, Ivan Murray [See Also: B. L. Robinson and C. A. Weatherby Papers]
Johnston, John Robert
Jones , Herbert Lyon
Jones , Wyatt Wagner
Jones, Henry Champion
Jones, Herbert Lyon
Jones, Lewis Ralph
Jones, Lombard Carter
Jones, Marcus Eugene
Jones, Marcus Eugene
Jones, Percy
Jones, Richard
Jones, Volney Hurt
Jonova, Maruska
Jordal, Louis Henrik
Jordan, Whitman Howard
Jorgensen, Pedro
Jost, Ludwig
Jowett, Benjamin
Judson, Harry Pratt
Juel, Hans Oscar
Junell, Sven
Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm
Jurado, Martin Doello
Jussieu, Adrien de
Just , Theodor Karl

Correspondence K

Kaempfer, Emil
Kaho, Hugo
Kain, Samuel W.
Kalenborn, A. S.
Kalliola, Reino Kalervo
Kammerer, Alfred Lewis
Kassabian, N.H.
Kast, C. M.
Kauffman, Calvin Henry
Kaulfuss, G.F.
Kawade, S.
Kay, James
Kearney, Thomas Henry [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Keck, K.
Keeler, Clyde Edgar
Keeler, Harriet Louise
Keep, Elisha A.
Keep, Marcus Rodman
Keffer, Charles A.
Keidel, George Charles
Keissler, Karl von (Ritter)
Kellerman, William Ashbrook
Kellogg, A.
Kelly, Howard Atwood
Kelsey, Francis Duncan
Kelso, Leon Hugh
Kendall, William Converse
Kenna, Dennis
Kennard, A. S.
Kennedy, F. L.
Kennedy, George Golding [See Also: G. G. Kennedy, Walter Deane, J. F. Collins, and C. A. Weatherby Papers]
Kennedy, Harris
Kennedy, Patrick Beveridge
Kennedy, Rae Casena (nee Baldwin) [See Also: R. C. Kennedy Papers]
Kenoyer, Leslie Alva
Kenrick, Anna C.
Kenrick, Enoch Brown
Kent , Elroy Cook
Kent , Wyatt A.
Kent, Duane
Kermode, Francis
Kern, Frank Dunn
Kervey, H.R.
Kestner, Paul
Keyes, Charles Rollin
Khan, Abdul Rasul
Kharchenko, F.
Kibbe, Alice Lovina
Kickx, Jean Jacques
Kidder, Alfred Vincent
Kidder, Nathaniel Thayer
Kiener, Walter Ernest
Kiernan, Thomas J.
Killip, Ellsworth Paine
Kimura, Yojiro
Kindle, Edward Martin
King , Charlotte Maria
King, George
Kingman, Chester Cole
Kingsley, John Sterling
Kingsley, Rose Georgina
Kinney, Clarence W.
Kinsey, Alfred Charles [See Also: Merrit Lyndon Fernald Papers]
Kippist, Richard [See Also: Francis Boott Papers]
Kirk, George L.
Kirk, Thomas
Kirk, Thomas
Kirkwood, Joseph Edward
Kirouac, Conrad
Kirtland, Jared Potter
Kittredge, Elsie May
Kittredge, George Lyman
Klatt, Elisabeth
Klatt, Friedrich Wilhelm [See Also: F. W. Klatt Papers]
Kleeberger, G. K.
Klittke, M.
Kloss, Jr., A. W.
Klugh, Alfred Brooker
Knapp, Abbie R.
Knerr, E. B.
Kneucker, Johann Andreas
Knieskern, P. D.
Knight, Eugene N.
Knight, Francis P.
Knight, Ora Willis
Knoche, Edward Louis Herman
Knopf, Fred.
Knowles, John H.
Knowles, Matilda Cullen
Knowling, J. B. H.
Knowlton, Clarence Hinckley [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Knowlton, Frances Kent
Knowlton, Frances Laetitia  [See Also: Arthur Stanley Pease Papers]
Knowlton, Frank Hall
Knox, Alice Adelaide
Knox, James
Knuth, Reinhard Gustav Paul
Kny, Leopold
Kobbe, Frederick William
Kobuski, Clarence Emmeren
Koch, Max
Koch, Minna Frotscher
Koch, Theodore Wesley
Koehne, Bernhard Adalbert Emil
Koford, Charles A.
Kohler, Elmer Peter
Koidzumi, Gen-iti
Kopman, Henry Hazlitt
Korstian, Clarence Ferdinand
Korthals, Pieter Willem
Kosanin, Nedeljko
Koster, Josephine Therese
Kraeger, Frank
Kraemer, Henry
Kreczetowicz, V. I.
Kremers, Edward
Kriebel, Ralph Meschter
Krieger, Karl Wilhelm
Krieger, Louis Charles Christopher
Krotkov, Paul V.
Krukoff, Boris Alexander
Krumbhaar, Louis
Krylov, Porfirii Nikitich
Kukenthal, Georg [See Also: Liberty Hyde Bailey Papers]
Kummerle, Jeno Bela
Kuntze, Otto
Kunze, G.
Kurtze , Fritz Federico
Kydd, William M.

Correspondence L

La Billardiere, Jacques-Julien Houtoun de
La Gasca
Lacaita, Charles Carmichael
Lachot, Henri
Lagerheim, Nils Gustaf
Lagorce, Jean Frange
Lahman, Bertha Marion
Laing, Cha. G.
Lajos, Richter
Lake, E. R.
Lalonde, Louis
Lam, Herman Johannes
Lamb, Frank Haines
Lambert, Aylmer Bourke
Lambert, Fred Drayton
Lamhofer, Edward
Lamson-Scribner, Frank [See Also: Scribner, F. Lamson]
Lanby, A.
Landes, Hugh
Landfield, J. B.
Landmark, Joh. D.
Lane, Alfred Church
Lane, Asa Lyman
Lane, C. Chester
Lane, William Coolidge
Laney, Calvin Cooke
Lange, Johan Martin Christian
Langley, Samuel Pierpont
Langlois, Auguste Barthelemy [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Lankester, Charles Herbert
Lanman, Charles Rockwell
Lansing , Odelle Edward
Lapham, Increase Allen
Lapham, Julia A.
Larderaz, Ch.
Larrabee, Rollin North
Larsen, Esther Louise
Latcham, Ricardo Eduardo
Lauder, Maria Elise Touffe
Laughlin, Emma G.
Laurent, Joseph
Laurent, Louis Aime Alexandre
Lavallee, Alphonse Martin
Lawrance, Alexander E.
Lawrence, Abbott
Lawrence, Amory Appleton
Lawrence, Julia Ruth
Lawrence, William
Lawrence, William Evans
Lawson, George
Lawson, George
Lawson, M. A.
Le Baron, John Francis
Leavitt, Robert Greenleaf
Leavitt, Roswell
Lecomte, Henri
LeConte, John Lawrence
LeConte, Joseph
Ledebour, K. E.
Leduc, G.
Lee, George Winthrop
Lee, James
Lee, John Thomas
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Leslie Alexander
Lee, Tchang Bok
Leeds, Arthur Newlin
Leeson, Joseph Robert
Leeson, Robert A.
Lefevre, Jacques
Leffingwell, Edith D.
Lefroy, John Henry
Leggett, William Henry [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Lehmann, Ernst
Lehmann, Johann Georg Christian
Leiberg, John Bernard
Leighton, James M.
Leighton, William Allport
Lemmon, John Gill
Lemmon, Sara Allen Plummer
Lenormand, Mélite
Lenormand, Rene
Leonard, A. A. N.
Leonard, Emery Clarence
Leonard, Henry Codman
Leonard, M. C.
Leonhardt, Otto
Lepeschkin, Wladimir Wasiljewitsch
Lermond, Norman W.
LeRoy, P. V.
Leslie, Alice Cushing
Lesquereux, Charles Leo [See Also: Thomas Potts James Papers]
LeSueur, W. D.
Letson, Elizabeth Jane
Leveille, Hector
Leverett, Frank
Levine, Carl Oscar
Levine, Michael Simonovitch
Lewenhaupt, C.
Lewis, Adele Gerard [See Also: Grant, Adele Gerard (nee Lewis)]
Lewis, Charles Smith
Lewis, George F. [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]
Lewis, Ivey Foreman
Libbey, Jonas M.
Liebmann, Frederik Michael
Limberger, William B.
Lincoln, Edwin Hale
Lindahl, Josua
Lindau, Gustav
Lindberg, Sextus Otto
Linder, David Hunt
Lindheimer, Ferdinand J.
Lindley, John
Lindman, Carl Axel Magnus
Lindquist, Bertil
Linn, Alonzo
Lippincott, Charles Duell
Little, Clarence Cook
Little, Jr., Elbert Luther [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Littlefield, A. A.
Litwinow, Dimitrij Iwanowitsch
Livingston, Luther Samuel
Lloyd, Curtis Gates [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Lloyd, George N.
Lloyd, John Uri
Lochman, Charles Lightheiser
Lock, Robert Heath
Locke, Elsie
Locke, John
Lockyer, Joseph Norman
Loesener, Theodor
Logue, Everett G.
Lojacono Pojero, Michele
Lombardo, Atilio
Long, Bayard henry
Long, Charles Albert Eugene
Loomis, E. J.
Loomis, Martha Louise
Looser, Gualterio
Lord, Frederic Pomeroy
Lorenz, Annie [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Loring , Charles Greely [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Loring Family
Loring, Charles Greely
Loring, Elizabeth Smith
Loring, Katharine Peabody
Loring, Mary H. (Mrs. Charles G.)
Lotsy, T. P.
Loudon, John Claudius
Louis-Marie, Pere
Louth, E.V.
Love, Cornelia Spencer
Love, H. H.
Lovell, Harvey Bulfinch
Lovell, John Harvey
Lovering, Joseph
Lovewell, H. P.
Lowell, Abbott Lawrence
Lowell, Guy
Lowell, James Arnold
Lowell, James Russell
Lowell, Jennie P.
Lowell, John Amory
Lowell, Lucy
Lowenstein, Albert Edgar [See Also: Lownes, Albert Edgar]
Lowes, John L.
Lown, Clarence [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Lownes, Albert Edgar [See Also: Lowenstein, Albert Edgar]
Lowry, John J. [See Also: William Baldwin Papers]
Loy, William E.
Lucas, Frederic Augustus
Lucy, Thomas Francis
Luebkert, Otto J. J.
Lueders, Herman Frederick
Luerssen, Christian
Lufkin, Frank
Lumholtz, Carl Sophus [See Also: Cyrus Guernsey Pringle Papers]
Lundell, Cyrus Longworth
Lundgren, J. H.
Lunnell, Joel [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Lunt, Joseph Richard
Lupo, Patsy Hughes
Lutz, Louis Charles
Lyell, Mary E.
Lyell, Rosamond
Lyman, Florence van Fleet
Lyman, George Richard
Lyman, Jr., Charles H., Mrs.
Lyman, Theodore
Lynge, Bernt Arne
Lyns, H.
Lyon, William Scrugham

Correspondence M

Macbride, James [See Also: Stephen Elliot Papers]
Macbride, James Francis
Macbride, Thomas Huston
MacDougal, Daniel Trembly
Macfarlane, Eileen Jessie [See Also: Grimes, Eileen Jessie or Erlanson, Eileen Jessie]
Macfarlane, John Muirhead
Mackay, George W.
MacKay, Alexander Howard
MacKeever, Frank C.
Mackenzie, Kenneth Kent [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Mackenzie, Roderick
Mackintosh, Richards Bryant
Maclagan , P. W.
Maclean, John
Macloskie, George
MacMillan, Conway
MacMillan, Donald Baxter
Macmillan , Alexander
Macnamara, Charles
Macoun, James Melville
Macoun, John
Macoun, William Tyrrell
MacOwan, Peter
MacPherson, James
Macrae, W. F.
MacRobert, Edna A.
Madigan, Albert W.
Madison, Harold Lester
Magnier, Charles
Magnus, P.
Magnus, Paul Wilhelm
Magocsy-Dietz, Sandor
Maheshwari, J. K.
Maheshwari, Panchanan
Maiden, Joseph Henry
Maignen, P. A.
Main, Angie Kumlien (Mrs. A. H.)
Mains, Edwin Butterworth
Maisch, John Michael
Maldonado, Teodoro
Malinvaud, Ernest
Malme, Gustaf Oskar Andersson
Malta, Nikolajs
Malte, Oscar [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Manda, W. Albert   
Manly, Mrs. W. E.
Mann, Albert R.
Mann, Albert
Mann, Alfred
Mann, Benjamin Pickman
Mann, G.
Mann, George C.
Mann, Gustav   
Mann, Horace
Mann, Horace Jr.
Mann, Rhoda L.
Manning, Robert
Manning, Warren Henry
Mansfield, Nellie F.
Marcou, Jules
Marie-Victorin, frère, E. C.
Mark, Edward Laurens
Marr, John
Marr, R. A.
Marsh, Othniel Charles
Marsh, Charles Dwight
Marshall, Jon
Marshall, Mary Alice
Marshall, Nina Lovering
Marston, C. L.
Martelli, Ugolino
Martin, A. F.
Martin, Edgar Stanley
Martin, Robert F.
Martindale, Isaac Comly
Martins, Charles
Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von
Maskelyne, Nevil Story
Mason, Charles F.
Mason, Stevens T.
Mason, Herbert Louis
Mason, Otis Tufton
Mason, Silas Cheever
Massart, J. & M.
Masson, G.
Masters, Maxwell T.
Mathews, Ferdinand Schuyler
Mathiew, Beltran
Matsuda, S.
Mattfeld, Johannes
Matthew, George Frederick
Matthews, W.
Mattirolo, Oreste
Maximowicz, Charles
Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough
Mayhew, Inez P.
Mayo, Lawrence Shaw
Maza y Jimenez, Manuel Gomez de la
Mazurenko, T.
McAdie, Mary Randolph Browne
McAdoo, W. G.
McBride, Thomas Huston
Mccalla, William Copeland
McCarthy, Gerald
McClatchie, Alfred James
McClench, Christine N.
McClung, C. M.
McConnell, Richard George
McCosh, James
McCoy, Frederick, Sir
McCrady, Louisa L.
McCulloch, Thomas
McCulloch, W. K.
McDermott, Laura Frances
McDonald, Francis Eugene
McFarland, Frank Theodore
McFarland, John Horace
McGann, Marion Duneau
McGee, William John
McGilvray, Maria
McGrath, Patrick Thomas, Sir
McGregor, Ernest Alexander
McGregor, Richard Crittenden
McIlhenny, J. W.
McInnes, William
McKee, Roland
McKenzie, Alexander
McKim, Haslett
McLean, Forman Taylor
McLean, G. M.
McMillan, Smith Endicott
McNamee, J. H. H.
McNeill, Jerome
Mc Neill, L. H.
McNeily, Alex J. W.
McNutt, Myron
Mead, Eleanor M.
Mead, S. B.
Mead, Theodore
Mead, Frederick Sumner
Meader, Arthur R.
Mears, Ellis
Medvedeff, J.
Meehan, Thomas
Meeken, Harvey L.
Mehner, Albert
Meier, Fred Campbell
Meisner, C. F.
Mell, Clayton Dissinger
Mell, Patrick Hues
Mellichamp, Joseph Hinson [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Melloni, Macedonio
Menand, L.
Menestrina, J. F.
Menin, J. Warren [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Menzel, Robert Winston
Menzies, A.
Meriam, Horatio C.
Merriam, Clinton Hart
Merrill, Arthur
Merrill, Edward Bagley
Merrill, Elmer Drew
Merrill, George Knox
Merrill, George Perkins
Merrill, Henry Wilson
Merrill, John D.
Merrill, L. H.
Merrill, William W.
Merrow, Harriet Lathrop
Mertens, P.
Meslin, Roger
Messer, C.
Metcalf, Franklin Post
Metcalf, Haven
Metcalf, Rest H.
Metcalfe, Orrick Baylor
Mexia, Ynes Enriquetta Julietta [See Also: Y. E. J. Mexia Papers]
Mez, Carl Christian
Michael, Norman, Reverend
Michailoff, M.
Michaux, Andre
Michaux, Francois Andre [See Also: Stephen Elliott Papers]
Michel, Christy William
Micheli, Marc
Miers, John
Milde, Julius
Mille, Louis, Father
Miller, Edgar Calvin LeRoy
Miller, Elihu Sanford
Miller, Ellen
Miller, Fred Anderson
Miller, George H.
Miller, Gerrit Smith
Miller, John
Miller, Osborn Maitland [See Also: Alexander Forbes Papers]
Miller, S. H.
Miller, Waldron DeWitt
Miller, Wilhelm [See Also: Miller, William Tyler]
Miller, William Tyler [See Also: Miller, Wilhelm]
Mills, J. H.
Millspaugh, Charles Frederick
Miner, Edna Eliza [See Also: Rogers, Edna Eliza (nee Miner)]
Minns, Susan
Minot, Charles Sedgwick
Miquel, F. A. W.
Mirbel, Charles Francois Brisseau de [See Also: Jean Louis Berlandier Papers]
Mitchell, Elisabeth R.
Mitten, William
Mix, Arthur Jackson
Miyabe, Kingo
Miyazawa, Bungo
Moggridge, J. Traherne
Mohler, J. C.
Mohr, Charles Theodore
Moldenke, Harold Norman
Moll, Jan Willem
Moller, Hjalmar August
Monachino, Joseph Vincent
Monnet, Paul
Monroe, Vernon
Monsley, H.
Montagne, J. F. C.
Montero, O. Gilberto
Monteverde, Nikolai Augustinovic
Moore, Thomas
Morgan, L. H.
Moris, G.
Morley, John
Morren, Charles-Jacques-Edouard
Morris, Charles D.
Morris, D.
Morris, Elizabeth C.
Morrow, James
Mortier, Barthelemy-Charles du
Morton, S. G.
Mosely, H. W.
Motley, John Lothrop
Moulton, J. C.
Moxley, George Loucks
Moyer, Lycurgus Rose
Mueller, J.
Mueller, Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich, Baron von   
Muenscher, Walter Conrad Leopold
Muhlenberg, Henry Ernest [See Also: Manasseh Cutler and Stephen Elliott Papers]
Muir, John
Mulford, A. Isabel
Muller, Hugo M.
Muller, Otto
Mulliken, Robert Sanderson
Munn, William
Munoz Pizzaro, Carlos
Munro, William [See Also: George Thurber and Charles Wright Papers]
Munroe, Kirk, Mrs.
Munson, T. V.
Munson, Welton Marks
Munsterberg, Hugo
Munter, William H.  [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Munz, Philip Alexander
Murdoch, Alice L.
Murdoch, John Jr.
Murillo, Luis G.
Murr, Josef
Murray, A. M.
Murray, George
Murray, Elizabeth
Murray, George Robert Milne
Murrill, William Alphonso
Murtfeldt, Mary Esther
Myers, Frances J.  [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]

Correspondence N

Nadson, Georgii Adamovic   
Nakai, Takenoshin
Nakata, Kakugoro
Nannfeldt, John Axel
Nash, George Valentine
Nash, Nathaniel Cushing
Nathorst, A. G.
Naudin, Ch.
Naveau, Raymond Leonard
Nawaschin, Sergius G.
Neal, E. P.
Neal, Herbert Vincent
Nealley, G. C.
Needham, James George
Neilson, William Allan
Neisler, Hugh M.
Nelmes, Ernest
Nelson, Aven
Nelson, C. Z.
Nelson, Edward William
Nelson, Elias E.
Nelson, George
Nelson, James Carlton
Nelson, Norman E.
Nelson, Peter
Ness, Helge
Nessel, Herman
Neumayer, Hans   
Neveu-Lemaire, Maurice       
Nevin, Joseph Cook
Nevius, Reuben Denton
Newberry, J. S.
Newcombe, Frederick Charles
Newell, Jane Hancocks
Newman, Stephen Morrell
Nicholls, Henry Alfred Alford
Nichols, Charles J.
Nichols, Florence S.
Nichols, George Elwood [See Also: James Franklin Collins Papers]
Nicholson, George
Nickerson, Franklin
Nickerson, M. H.
Niedenzu, Franz Josef
Niederlein, Gustavo
Nielsen, Peder
Niermeyer, Ernestine H.
Nieuwland, Julius Arthur
Nijhoff, Martinus
Noble, Mary
Noddin, Ralph E.
Noe, Comte F. de
Nolan, Edward J.
Nordby, Conrad Hjalmar
Nordstedt, Carl Fredrick Otto
Norris, Harry Waldo
North, Marianne
Northcraft, Richard Dunn
Northrop, A. R.       
Northrop, Alice Belle (nee Rich)
Northrop, J. I.
Norton, Andrews
Norton, Catherine Eliot
Norton, Charles Eliot
Norton, Grace   
Norton, Arthur Herbert
Norton, Gertrude Parmalee
Norton, Jesse Baker
Norton, John Bitting Smith
Norwell, William Gray
Noyes, Ellis B.
Noyes, George R.
Noyes, Helen Maria [See Also: Webster, Helen Maria (nee Noyes)]
Noyes, Henry D.   
Nutt, Cyrus
Nuttall, Thomas [See Also: Thomas Nuttall and Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Nye, Harriet A.

Correspondence O

Oakes, Henry N.
Oakley, Russell Arthur
Oakes, William [See Also: William Oakes Papers]
Oberly, Eunice Rockwood
O'Brien, T. J.
O'Donell, Carlos A.
Ogden, G. M.
Ogden, Henry Vining
Ogilvie, Noel J.
Ogle, John A.
Okubo, Samuro
Okuda, Y.
Oldenbourg, R.
Olive, Edgar William
Oliver, Daniel
Oliver, Francis Wall
Olmstead, M. S.
Olmsted, Frederick Law
Olmsted, Frederick Law Jr.
Olney, Stephen Thayer [See Also: Stephen Thayer Olney Papers]
Olsson-Seffer, Pehr Hjalmar
O'Neil, James P.
O'Neill, Hugh Thomas
Onno, Max
Orcutt, Charles Russell [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Orcutt, E. E., Mrs.
Orcutt, Charles Russell
Orphanides, T. G.
Orr, J. W.
Orr, William
Orton, William Allen
Osborn, Henry Leslie
Osborne, Daniel E.
Osborne, Philip Valentine
Osgood, Fletcher
Osgood, Lydia Dinsmore
Osgood, William Fogg
Oslar, Ernest J.
Osten, Cornelius
Ostenfeld, Carl Emil Hansen
Osterhout, George Everett
Osterhout, Winthrop John Valeuven
Ostheimer, Alfred James, III
Osvald, Karl Hugo
Otis, Lois Macy
Ottley, Alice Maria
Overholts, Lee Oras
Owen, D. A.
Owen, Maria Louisa [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Owens, J. G.
Oyster, John Houck

Correspondence P

Packard, A. S.
Packard, Horace
Packard, Winthrop
Page, Henrietta
Paget, Helen B.
Paget, James
Paine, J. A. Jr.
Paine, Gertrude Hollister [See Also: Riddle, Gertrude Hollister (nee Paine)]
Painter, Joseph Hannum
Palache, Charles
Palacios, Isidro
Palfrey, John Gorham           
Palgrave, Reginald F. D.
Palhinha, Ruy Telles
Palmer, Edward   [See Also: E. Palmer Papers]
Palmer, Ernest Jesse
Palmer, Thomas Chalkley
Palmgren, Alvar
Palsson, William F.   
Pammel, Louis Hermann
Pampanini, Renato
Panton, Matthew H.
Paoletti, E. Fernando
Parham, H. B. Richenda, Mrs.
Parish, Samuel Bonsall [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Park, Edwards A.
Park, Jay Boardman
Park, W. N.
Parker, William A.
Parker, Charles Stewart
Parker, E. M., Miss
Parker, Edward M.
Parker, Gilbert
Parker, Orra Almira [See Also: Phelps, Orra Almira (nee Parker)]       
Parker, Richard Neville
Parker, William B.
Parkinson, Charles Edward
Parkman, Francis
Parks, Harold Ernest
Parks, Harris Braley
Parlatore, Philippe
Parlin, John Crawford
Parodi, Lorenzo Raimundo
Parry, E. R.
Parseval-Grandmaison, J. de
Parsons, Katherine
Parsons, Mary Elizabeth           
Parsons, Theophilus
Patch, Edith Marion
Patenaude, J. O.
Paton, Lucy A. [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]       
Patraw, Pauline Mead
Patten, Jane Boit [See Also: J. B. Patten Papers]
Patterson, Harry M.
Patterson, F. W.
Patterson, S. L.
Patterson, Flora Wambaugh
Patterson, Harry Norton [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]       
Paulson, Ove Vilhelm
Pavon, Jose
Pax, Ferdinand
Paxton, Joseph, Sir
Payson, Edwin Blake
Payson, Lois
Peabody, Francis Howard
Peabody, L. Adelaide
Peake, Elmore Elliott
Pearce, Edward Douglas
Pearce, James Alfred [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]       
Pearl, Raymond
Pearsall, William Harrison
Pearson, W. H.
Pearson, Robert Hooper
Pease, Arthur Stanley [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Peattie, Donald Culross [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Peck, William D.
Peck, Allen S.
Peck, Charles Horton
Peck, Mary Dandridge
Peck, Morton Eaton
Peck, William Dandridge [See Also: Cutler/Dandridge/Thorndike Papers]
Peckham, Stephen Farnum
Peebles, Robert Hibbs
Peirce, Benjamin
Peirce, George James
Peirce, Mary Frances
Peirson, Frank Warrington
Peiterson, Arne Kristopher
Pellegrin, Francois
Penfound, William Theodore
Pengelly, William       
Penhallow, David Pearce
Pennant, Thomas
Pennell, Francis Whittier
Penniman, H. A., Mrs.
Pennypacker, Henry
Penrose, Richard Alexander
Penzig, Ottone
Pepoon, Herman Silas
Pepper, G. W.
Perez-Moreau, Roman A.
Perkins, Anne Elizabeth
Perkins, Edward Henry
Perkins, Edward J.
Perkins, George Henry
Perkins, Janet Russell
Perkins, Llewellyn Rood
Perkins, Maurice
Perkins, Thomas Nelson
Perrasse, Pablo
Perrine, Henry
Perry, M. C.
Perry, Bliss
Perry, Everett R.
Perry, George Louis
Perry, John F.
Perry, John Tuttle
Perry, Lily May
Perry, Margaret S.
Petch, Thomas
Peters, Bertha [See Also: Gottsche, Bertha (nee Peters)]
Peters, Christian Henry Frederick       
Peters, Thomas Minott [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]       
Peters, Mary K.
Peterson, Maude Gridley
Peterson, William, Sir
Petrak, Franz
Pettibone, Nora
Pfaff, Franz Ludwig Friedrich
Pfeiffer, Hans
Pfeiffer, Norma Etta
Pfeiffer, L.
Phair, Philip D.
Phelps, Orra Almira (nee Parker) [See Also: Parker, Orra Almira]
Philippi, Federico
Philippi, Rodolfo Amando
Phillips, Edwin Percy
Phillips, James Duncan
Phillips, John Charles
Phillips, William
Picard, Auguste   
Pickering, Charles
Pickering, William Henry
Pickett, Fermen Layton
Pickstone, H. E. V.
Pier, Arthur Stanwood
Pierce, George
Pierce, Newton Barris
Pierce, Roger
Pierce, William P.
Piers, Harry
Pieters, Adrian John
Pike, Walter N.
Pilger, Robert Knuds Friedrich
Pilsbry, Henry Augustus
Pinchbeck, Raymond Bennett
Pinchot, Gifford
Pindler, Erich
Pingree, David
Piper, Charles V.       
Piper, Charles Vancouver
Piper, Fred Smith
Piper, S. M., Mrs. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]       
Pirion, Anastasio, Padre   
Pitcher, Zina
Pittier, Henri [See Also: Benjamin Lincoln Robinson Papers]
Plaisted, Sheridan
Planchon, W.
Planck, D. A., Reverend           
Plank, E. N.
Plank, Elisha Newton
Plitt, Charles Christian
Plummer, Sara Allen [See Also: Lemmon, Sara Allen (nee Plummer)]       
Podpera, Josef
Poellnitz, Karl von
Poeverlein, Hermann
Poindexter, John
Poisson, Jules
Poland, J. P.
Polk, Mary
Pollard, Charles Louis
Pollock, William McCally
Pomeroy, Fred Elmer
Pontius, Leslie Lorraine
Pool, Frank J.
Pool, Raymond John
Poole, James Plummer
Poole, Silas Frank
Poos, Frederick William
Pope, Alexander Winthrop
Popowsky, Mary   
Porsild, Morten Pedersen
Porter, R. H.
Porter, Thomas C. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Porter, Carlos Emilio
Porter, Gene
Porter, Thomas Conrad [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Posfay, Oliver
Post, George Edward
Post, Wilfred M.
Potter, Alfred Claghorn
Potter, Mrs.       
Potter, Sarah E.
Potter, Mrs. William F.
Pottinger, D.
Potts, Lucie
Poulton, Edward Bagnall, Sir
Pound, Roscoe
Powell, J. W.
Powers, William L.
Poyser, William Aldworth
Praeger, Robert Lloyd
Prain, David, Sir
Prang, Mary
Prankerd, Theodora Lisle
Pratt, A. E.
Pratt, Alice Day
Preble, Marie H.
Prentiss, Albert Nelson
Prescott, Samuel Cate
Prestele, Joseph
Preston, Howard W.
Preston, Carelton Estey
Preston, Howard Willis
Prestwich, Joseph, Sir
Pretz, Harold William
Prey, Nina
Price, Sarah (Sadie) Frances
Priest, Mary E.
Prince, Arthur Reginald
Prince, Frances C.
Prince, Lucy M.
Pringle, Cyrus Guernsey [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]       
Pringsheim, Nathanael
Prior, R. C. Alexander
Pritchett, Henry Smith
Pritzel, Ernst
Proctor, John W. [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Prokhanoff, Ivan Stepanovich
Provancher, l'Abbe
Pugsley, Herbert William
Pulle, August Adriaan
Pulling, Howard Edward
Pumpelly, Raphaelo
Purdon, John R.
Purdy, Carl
Purdy, Carlton Elmer
Purer, Edith Abigail
Purpus, Carl Albert
Pursh, Frederick
Putnam, Frederic Ward
Putnam, George E. B.
Putnam, George Palmer
Putnam, Herbert
Putnam, J. Duncan
Putnam, W. S.
Putnam, William T. [See Also:  Walter Deane Papers]
Pyle, Gheutein Y.

Correspondence Q-R

Quekett, Edwin
Quevedo, Samuel Alexander Lafone
Quincy, Eliza Susan
Quincy, Josiah [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Quisumbing y Arguelles, Eduardo
Raber, Oran Lee
Rackemann, Francis Minot
Raddi, Joseph
Radlkofer, Ludwig Adolph Timotheus
Rae, F. J.
Rafter, Pauline Frost
Ragionieri, Attilio
Raine, Frederick
Rall, Edward Everett
Ramaley, Francis
Ramirez, Jose
Ramsbottom, John       
Rand, Benjamin
Rand, Edward Lothrop [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Rand, Frederick Vernon
Rand, Harry Seaton
Rand, Henry L.
Rand, Margaret A.
Randolph, Lowell Fitz
Rapp, F. W.
Rathbun, Richard [See Also: Frederick Vernon Coville Papers]       
Rattan, Volney [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Rau, Eugene Abraham [See Also: Lewis David von Schweinitz Papers]
Raunkiaer, Christen Christiansen
Raup, Hugh Miller
Ravenel, Henry William       
Ravenel, William de Chastignier
Rayleigh, Lady
Rayleigh, Lord
Raymond, Marcel
Raynal, Charles Edward
Raynor, Mabel Mary Cheveley
Rea, Paul Marshall
Read, Edward Sprague
Readwin, T. A.
Reasoner, P. W.
Rechinger, Karl Heinz
Record, Samuel James
Reddick, Donald
Redfield, John Howard [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Reed, Clyde Franklin [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Reed, Edward Looman
Reed, Ellen Foote
Reed, Guilford Bevil
Reed, Howard Sprague
Reed, Luther Dotterer
Reeve, Lovell
Regel, E.
Rehder, Alfred [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Reich, G. C.
Reich, Jacques
Reiche, Karl Friedrich
Reichel, Marie [See Also: Dorfler, Marie (nee Reichel)]
Reichenback, Heinrich Gustav
Reid, Eleanor May
Reid, Joseph J.
Reid, W. F.
Reineck, Eduard Martin
Reinsch, Paulus F.
Reisner, John H.
Rendle, Alfred Barton
Reverchon, Julien
Rex, Frank C.
Reynolds, Mary C. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Reynolds, Ernest Shaw
Reynolds, Laurence Russell
Rhees, W. J.
Rhoades, William
Rhoads, Samuel Nicholson
Riano, Emilia J. de
Riccobono, Vincenzo
Rice, Charles
Rice, James Henry Jr.
Rice, William North
Rich, O.
Rich, William Penn
Richard, A.
Richards, Franklin T.
Richards, Alice M.
Richards, George Edward
Richards, George Henry
Richards, Henry
Richards, Herbert Maule
Richards, Huntington
Richards, J. T.
Richards, Josephine L.
Richards, Paul
Richards, Theodore William
Richards, Viola F.   
Richardson, John
Richardson, T. G.
Richardson, H. H.
Richardson, William Lambert [See Also: George Golding Kennedy Papers]   
Richmond, Charles Wallace
Ricker, Percy Leroy
Rickett, Harold William    [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Ricksecker, Alfred Edmund
Riddell, John Leonard [See Also: Riddell & Hale Papers]   
Riddell, William Renwick   
Riddelsdell, Harry Joseph
Riddle, Gertrude Hollister (nee Paine) [See Also: Paine, Gertrude Hollister]
Riddle, Lincoln Ware
Ridgway, Bertha G.
Ridgway, Robert
Ridler, Charles Eaton
Ridley, Henry Nicholas
Rigdon, Harry P.
Riley, C. V.
Riley, E. F.
Riley, Laurence Athelstan M.
Rixford, Gulian Pickering
Robb, J.
Robbins, James Watson
Robbins, Charles Albert Sumner
Robbins, James Watson
Robbins, Phyllis
Robbins, Samuel D.
Roberts, Herbert Fuller
Roberts, S. Raymond
Robertson, Agnes
Robertson, Charles
Robeson, A.   
Robinson, A. W           
Robinson, Benjamin Lincoln [See Also: B. L. Robinson and George Edward Davenport Papers]
Robinson, Charles Budd Jr.
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Emily P.
Robinson, George W.
Robinson, Henry H.
Robinson, John [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Robinson, Margaret Louise
Robinson, Rachael
Robinson, W.
Robinson, William
Robinson, Wirt
Rock, Joseph Francis Charles       
Rodeck, Hugo G.
Rodgers, John
Rodgers, A. D.
Rodgers, Andrew Denny, III
Roding, George Frederick Christian
Roeper, J.
Roettinger, William D.
Rogers, William Barton
Rogers, Edna Eliza
Rogers, R.
Roig y Mesa, Juan Tomas
Rolfe, Robert Allen
Rolleston, George
Rolleston, Grace
Rollins, Reed Clark
Romanes, George John
Rood, Ogden Nicholas
Rood, Almon Nicholson
Root, Azariah Smith
Rorer, James Birch
Rose, Joseph Nelson [See Also: George Edward Davenport and Walter Deane Papers]
Rose, Wickliffe
Rosendahl, Carl Otto
Rosengurtt, Bernardo
Rosenvinge, Kolderup L.
Ross, Hermann
Ross, Waldo O.
Ross, A. B.
Rothert, Wladislaw Adolfovich
Rothery, M. J.
Rothrock, Joseph Trimble [See Also: Asa Gray Papers]       
Roumeguere, Casimir
Round, Eda May
Roush, Eva Mertelle
Rousseau, Jacques
Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Rowe, Annie E.
Rowe, H. G.
Rowlee, Willard Winfield
Rowley, F. W.   
Royle, J. F.
Rubel, Eduard August
Rudatis, H.
Ruge, John G.
Rugel, F.
Rugg, Harold Goddard
Ruprecht, F. J.
Rusby, H.H. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Rusby, Henry Hurd
Russel, Howland
Russell, John Lewis [See Also: J. L. Russell Papers]
Russell, Margaret P.
Russell, Paul George
Russell, Waterman S. C.
Russell, Wh. L.
Rust, Mary Olivia [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Ruth, Albert
Rydberg, Per Axel

Correspondence Sa-Sh

Sabine, J.
Saccardo, P. A.
Safford, William Edwin
Sage, John Hall [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Sagra, Ramon de la
Saint-Yves, Alfred
Salisbury, Edward James, Sir
Salisbury, Stephen
Salm Dyck, L. de
Salmon, Ernest Stanley
Samuels, Jacob Alexander
Samuelsson, Gunnar
Sanborn, Sarah F.
Sandberg, John Herman [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Sanderson, Ruth Dexter
Sandwith, Noel Yvri
Sanford, J. A.
Sanford, Leonard C.
Sanford, Samuel Newton Folius [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Sanford, Sarah N.
Sansome, Frederick Whalley
Saporta, G.
Sargent, Charles Sprague [See Also: George Edward Davenport and Sereno Watson Papers]
Sargent, Francis Kahn
Sargent, Frederick LeRoy
Sargent, Henry Winthrop
Sargent, Herbert Eugene
Sartwell, H. P.
Saunders, Charles Francis
Saunders, Charlotte Nichols
Saunders, William Edwin
Savi, G.
Savi, P.
Sax, Karl
Sayles, Robert Wilcox
Scamman, Edith Henry
Scammon, F.
Schaffner, J. G.
Schaffner, J. W.
Schaffner, John Henry [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Schallert, Paul Otto
Scharff, Robert Francis
Scheffler, Georg
Schellenberg, Gustav August
Schenck, A. A.
Schevill, William E.
Schimper, Wilhelm Philipp
Schinz, Hans
Schipp, William August
Schlechtendahl, D. F. L.
Schlechter, Rudolf
Schlotterbeck, Julius Otto
Schmoll, Hazel Marguerite
Schmucker, S. C.
Schneck, J. [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Schneider, Albert
Schneider, Camillo Karl
Schobinger, John J.
Schofield, W. H.
Schott, Arthur
Schott, H. W.
Schoute, Johannes Cornelius
Schouw, I. F.
Schrader, A.
Schramm, Jacob Richard
Schrenk, Hermann von
Schroter, Carl Joseph
Schuchert, Charles
Schuette, Clara
Schuette, J. H.
Schufeldt, R. W.
Schuh, Richard Edwin
Schultes, Richard Evans
Schultz, C. H.
Schulz, Otto Eugen
Schumann, Karl
Schwagrichen (Possibly Christian Friedrich)
Schwarten, Lazella
Schwarz, Theo
Schwatka, Fred R.
Schweinitz, Lewis David von
Schwerin, Fritz Kurt Alexander
Scott, William
Scribner, Frank Lamson
Scudder, Samuel H.
Searle, L.B.
Sears, John Henry
Seaton, Henry Eliason
Seaver, Fred Jay   
Seawell, B. L.
Sedgwick, William Thompson
Seeber, B.
Seeman, B.
Seemen, (Karl) Otto von
Seifriz, William Ernest
Selby, Augustine Dawson
Seler-Sachs, Caecilie
Seringe, Nicolas Charles
Setchell, William Albert
Seton, S.W.
Severy, Joseph Warren
Seward, Albert Charles
Sewell, Charles S.
Seymour, Arthur Bliss
Seymour, Frank Conkling
Seymour, Minor L.
Shacklette, Hansford T.
Shafer, John Adolph
Shaffer, Charles
Sharp, Helen
Sharp, Lester Whyland
Sharples, Stephen Paschall
Sharswood, William
Shaver, Jesse Milton
Shaw, Charles Hugh
Shaw, Elizabeth A.
Shaw, George Russell
Shaw, Henry
Shaw, Lemuel
Shear, Cornelius Lott
Shedd, A. Oswald
Sheldon, Augusta
Sheldon, Edmund Perry
Sheldon, John Lewis
Sheldon, W. H.
Shepard, Charles Upham
Shepard , Francis Parker
Shepard, Reid S.
Shepardson, William Martin
Sheppard, Susan
Sherman, C. and Sons
Sherman, Earl Edward
Sherman, Fanny
Sherwood, Bertha Marion
Sherwood, William Lounsbury
Shimada, M.
Shimek, Bohumil
Shockley, W.H.
Shockley, William Hillman
Short, Charles Walkins
Shoten, Seibido
Shreve, Forrest
Shriver, Howard
Shull, Aaron Franklin
Shull, Charles Albert
Shull, George Harrison
Shuman, W.L.
Shurtleff, Arthur A.
Shuttleworth, Robert

Correspondence Si-Sy

Sibbern, G.
Siegfried, Hans
Silliman, Benjamin
Silliman, Benjamin Jr.
Simms, Stephen Chapman
Simon, Eugene Ernest
Simon, L.M. [See Also: Francis Boott Papers]
Simon, Siegfrid Veit
Simpson, Elizabeth Braxton
Simpson, Joseph Herman
Sinnott, Edmund Ware
Sisson, Paul J.
Siu, J. C.
Skjot-Pedersen, Axel E.
Skottsberg, Carl Johan Fredrik
Skutch, Alexander Frank   
Slocum, Thomas Williams
Slosson, Annie
Slosson, Margaret
Small, A. M.
Small, James
Small, John K.
Small, John Kunkel
Smart, John H.
Smart, Robert Forte
Smiley, Frank Jason
Smith, Anna W.
Smith, Annie Elizabeth [See Also: James Franklin Collins Papers]
Smith, Aubrey H.
Smith, Benjamin Eli
Smith, Benjamin Hayes
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, Charles Eastwick
Smith, Charles Leonard
Smith, Charles Piper
Smith, Daisy Woolworth
Smith, E.S.C.
Smith, Ernest Charles
Smith, Erwin Frink
Smith, Eugene A.
Smith, Frances Grace
Smith, Francis E.
Smith, George Milton
Smith, George Otis
Smith, Gretta
Smith, H.L.
Smith, Herbert Huntington
Smith, Huron Herbert
Smith, Jared Gage
Smith, Jesse Fowler [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Smith, John Donnell [See Also: George Edward Davenport]
Smith, Joseph Russell
Smith, Lester F.
Smith, Lucius Chambers
Smith, Lyman Bradford
Smith, Ralph Clifton
Smith, Robert Silsbee
Smith, Stanley George
Smith, Virginia Thrall
Smith, W.G.
Smith, Walter McMynn
Smith, William Wright, Sir
Smyth, Bernard Brian
Snell, Walter Henry
Snodgrass, Robert Evans
Sodiro, Luis
Soleirol, [J.F.]
Solereder, Hans
Sollmann, L.
Solms-Laubach, Hermann Graf zu
Somes, Melvin Philip
Sonne, C.F.
Sonne, Charles Frederick
Sophocles, E.A.
Sornborger, Jewell David
Soule, Caroline ray
Southcott, Mary Meager
Southwick, James Mortimer
Spaulding, John J.
Spaulding, Perley
Spaulding, Volney Morgan
Spaulding, W. B.
Spegazzini, Carlos (Luigi)
Spence, John
Spencer, Helen F.
Spencer, Herbert
Spencer, Mary Evelyn
Spiker, William Dennis
Spottiswoods, William
Sprague, A. C.
Sprague, Charles Franklin
Sprague, Chas. Jas.
Sprague, Charles James
Sprague, Isaac [See Also: U.S. Japan and U.S. North Pacific Expedition Inventories]
Sprague, Isaac Jr.
Sprague, Thomas Archibald
Sprague, Thomas Archibald, Mrs.
Spray, Robb Spalding
Spruce, Richard
St. Hilaire, A. de
St. John, Edward Porter
St. John, Harold  [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
St. John, Martha Everett
Stahl, Christian Ernst
Standley, Paul Carpenter
Stanfield, Silas Walter
Stanford, Louden R.
Stansfield, Frederick Wilson
Stapf, Otto
Starkey, L.
Starr, Anna Morse
Stauffer, Jacob [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Stearns, Elmer
Stearns, Katherine Farnsworth
Stedman, John Gabriel
Steele, Edward Strieby
Steenstrup, Japetus
Steetz, Joachim
Stefansson, Wilhjalmer
Stehle, Henri
Steinbach, Jose
Steiner, Bernard Christian
Steinmetz, Ferdinand Henry
Stejneger, Leonhard
Stern, Bernhard J.
Sternberg, A. C.
Stetson, Sereno
Stevens, Arthur
Stevens, C.V. (Mrs.)
Stevens, Charles E.
Stevens, George Walter
Stevens, James Stacy
Stevens, Mary Louise
Stevens, Samuel
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, John Albert
Steward, Albert Newton
Steward, R. [See Also: Francis Boott Papers]
Stewart, Alban
Stewart, Caroline T.
Stewart, Fred Carleton
Stewart, Harriet
Stewart, Ralph Randles
Stewart, Robert M.
Stewart, Sara Ross
Stickney, Malcolm Enos
Stiles, W. W.
Stiles, William Augustus
Stinchfield, Roxana Judkins
Stockdale, Frank Arthur
Stockwell, (William) Palmer
Stokes, Jonathan
Stokes, Susan Gabriella
Stokey, Alma Gracey
Stomps, Theodoor Jan
Stone, Charles Francis
Stone, George Edward
Stone, Witmer
Stopes, Marie Charlotte C.
Storement, Edgar L.
Storer, David Humphreys
Storer, Francis Humphreys
Stork, Harvey Elmer
Stout, Anna A.
Stout, Arlow Burdette
Stout, Gilbert Leonidas
Stout, William
Stover, Ernest Lincoln
Stowell, Ellery Channing
Stratton, Emma Abbott
Stratton, Gene
Stratton, Robert
Straub, Frederick Carl
Strausbaugh, Perry Daniel
Streeter, Stella Georgiana
Strickland, H. P.
Stuart, Frederick D. [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]
Stuntz, Steve
Stuntz, Stephen Conrad
Sturgis, R. [See Also: Francis Boott Papers]
Sturgis, William Codman
Sturtevant, E. Lewis
Sturtevant, Edmund D.
Sudworth, George Bishop
Suessenguth, Karl
Suksdorf, Wilhelm Nikolaus [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Suliet, Theodore Eugene
Sullivan , Jane D.
Sullivant, Allen
Sullivant, J.
Sullivant, Roderick Gordon
Sullivant, T.S.
Sullivant, William Starling
Summerhayes, Victor Samuel
Sumner, Charles
Suringar, Jan Valckenier
Suter, John W. (Rev.)
Sutphen, Van Tassel
Svenson, Henry Knute
Swainson, William
Swallen, Jason Richard
Swan, Charles Walter
Swan, Robert F.
Swartz, Olof (Peter)
Sweetser, Albert Raddin   
Swezey, Goodwin Deloss
Swingle, Walter Tennyson
Switzer, Jennie B.
Symon, Alfred

Correspondence T

Tacquet, Emile Joseph
Tait, Archibald Campbell
Taney, R.B.
Targioni-Tozzetti, Antonio
Targioni-Tozzetti, Ottaviano
Tarr, Ralph Stockman
Tatnall, Edward
Tatnall, Robert Richardson
Tatum, Josiah
Tauberr, P.
Taubert, Paul Hermann Wilhelm
Taufiljef, G.
Taussig, Frank William
Taylor, Elfleda Bennett
Taylor, Elizabeth
Taylor, John Lewis
Taylor, Norman
Tees, Grace Mary
Temple, Felker L.
Tenore, M.
Terry, Emily [See Also: George Edward Davenport and W. Deane Papers]
Terry, William Almeron
Teschemacher, James Englebert
Tessendorff, Ferdinand
Thacher, Jeanie I. W.
Thacher, Thomas Anthony
Thal, Carl
Tharp, Benjamin Carroll
Thaxter, Roland   
Thayer, Abbott Henderson
Thayer, Emma B.
Thayer, Eugene V.
Thayer, Evelyn F.
Thayer, J. Henry
Thayer, John Eliot
Thayer, Lewis Atkinson
Thayer, Mary V.
Thayer, N.
Thayer, William Roscoe
Thellung-Acatos, Albert
Theriot, (Marie Hypolite) Irenee
Thiselton-Dyer, William Turner
Thom, Charles
Thomas, Ethel
Thomas, H. A.
Thompson, Charles Henry
Thompson, Esther H.
Thompson, Joseph P.
Thompson, W.H.
Thompson, W. P.
Thompson, William
Thomson, Elihu
Thoreau, Henry David [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Thornber, John James
Thorndike, I[srael], 2nd
Thornton, E. C.
Thorp, Frank Hall
Thurber, George
Thurston, Charles Orion
Thurston, John H.
Tice, Lewis
Ticknor, George
Tidestrom, Ivar
Tiegs, Ernst
Tilden, Josephine Elizabeth
Tillinghast, Caleb Benjamin
Tillinghast, William H.
Tilton, George Henry
Tilton, George Prescott
Timberlake, E. J.
Tirrell, Carrie A.
Tiselius, Gustaf August
Tobey, H. G.
Toborffy, Z.
Todaro, A.
Todd, David Peck
Todd, Walter Edmond Clyde
Todhunter, Joseph E.
Todhunter, Thomas H.
Toepffer, Adolf
Tolstead, William Lawrence
Tommasini, M.J.
Tonduz, Adolphe
Topping, David LeRoy
Torrey, Bradford
Torrey, George Safford
Torrey, H.W.
Torrey, Herbert Gray
Torrey, John
Torrey, John Gordon
Torrey, Margaret
Torrey, Ray Ethan
Torrey, Raymond Hezekiah
Torrey, William
Toumey, James William
Tourczaninoff, N.
Tower, Samuel F.
Townsend, Charles Haskins Tyler
Townsend, Charles Wendell [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Townsend, Frederick
Townsend, J.L.
Toy, Crawford Howell
Tracy, Joseph P.
Tracy, Samuel Mills
Tracy, William Warner
Train, Percy
Trapnell, Colin Graham
Trask, J. Nelson
Trask, Lillia M. S.
Trask, Luella Blanche
Trautretter, E.R.
Treadwell, Daniel
Treadwell, Eugene
Treadwell, John C.
Treat, Mary
Trelease, William [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Treub, Melchior
Treviranus, L.C.
Trimen, Henry
Tripp, George H.
Tripp, Henry O.
Trippe, Ella F.
Trowbridge, Augustus
Trowbridge, John
Trowbridge, Mary Louis (n'ee Thayer)
Troy, Zeliaette
Truax, Allan L.
Trumbull, Annie
Trumbull, J.H.
Tryon, Rolla Milton
Tucker, Ethelyn Maria
Tucker, Susan
Tucker, William Jewett
Tuckerman, Edward
Tuckerman, Frederick
Tuckerman, Sarah Eliza Sigourney
Tudor, Joseph Henry
Tufts, P. H.
Tulasne, E.
Tully, William
Turckheim, Hans von
Turner, D.
Turner, G. E.
Turner, Henry Ward
Turreson, Gote
Turrill, William Bertram
Tweedy, Frank
Twining, Alfred
Twitty, Victor Chandler
Tyler, Harry Walter
Tyler, Martha G.
Tylor, Edward B.
Tyndall, John

Correspondence U-V

Uhl, Lemon Leander
Ukers, William Harrison
Uline, Edwin Burton
Umbach, Levi Menger
Underwood, Frank H.
Underwood, Jay Gove
Underwood, Lucien Marcus [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Upham, Alan Walker
Uphof, Johannes Cornelius Theodorus
Urbam, I.
Urban, Ignatz
Urbina Y Altamirano, Manuel
Valbray, M. de (of France)
Valckenier Suringar, Jan
Valencia, Guillerno
Van Aerdschot, Paul
Van Asbeck, W D H, Baron
Van Denburg, M.W.
Van Der Schijff, H. P.
Van Dyke, Edwin Cooper
Van Eseltine, Glen Parker
Van Hyning, T.
Van Melle, Peter Jacobus
Van Name, Ralph Gibbs
Van Vleet, Albert Heald
Vanban, Marechal [de]
Vanoverburgh, Morice Frans Jules Pieter Maria
Vasey, Flora Nancy M.
Vasey , George
Vaslit, Frank H.
Vaughn, Charles
Vaughan, J.C.
Vaughan, Winthrop
Veitch, Harry J.
Vejux-Tyrode, Maurice
Velasco, Luis V.
Venturi, Santiago
Verney, Harry
Vestal, Arthur Gibson
Vestal, Paul Anthony
Vickers, Ernest W.
Vidal y Soler, Sebastian
Vignaud, Henry
Viguier, Rene
Vilmorin, Henry Leveque de
Vilmorin, L.
Vilmorin, Maurice Leveque
Vincent, Edith M.
Vincent, George Edgar
Vincent De Paul, M., Sister
Vines, Sydney Howard
Viret, Louis D.
Vogelsang, F.
Volger, Curtis L.
Vorhies, Charles Taylor
Vou, Mary R. de
Vries, Hugo de
Vriese, W.H. de
Vroom, James   
Vrooman, Julia Scott

Correspondence W

Wadsworth, Eliot
Waghorne, Arthur
Waghorne, Arthur Charles
Wagley, E D.
Wagner, J H.
Wailes, G.
Wait, John Cassan
Waite, Nellie Francena
Walcott, Charles Doolittle
Walcott, Henry Pickering
Walden, Mrs. C.
Waldron, Clarence H.
Waldron, Lawrence Root
Walker, James
Walker, Harriet Ann
Wall, Guy
Wallich, N.
Walsingham, Frank Gordon
Walter, Hans
Walters, Frank
Walthausen, G. L. Frie von
Walton, Addie E.
Walton, George Lincoln
Walton, Perry
Wambaugh, Flora
Wang, N.
Ward, F Hawley
Ward, Frederick A.
Ward, Henry Levi
Ward, Lester Frank [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Ward, Malthus A. [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Ward, Martha Eugenia
Ward, N.B.
Ward , Rachel Halsted
Ward, Robert DeCourcy
Ware, Mary Lee
Ware, Robert Allison [See Also: Walter Deane Papers]
Warming, (Johannes) Eugenius Bulow
Warne, H.A.
Warren, Fred Adelbert
Warren, Gretchen (nee Osgood)
Warren, Joseph
Warren, Winslow
Waterman, George A.
Waters, Campbell Easter [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Watson, Arthur
Watson, B.M.
Watson, Belle A.
Watson, Benjamin Marston
Watson , Edith
Watson, Elba Emanuel
Watson, Hewett Cottrell
Watson, Julia
Watson, Sarah Bolles
Watson, Sereno [See Also W. H. Brewer, Walter Deane, Thomas Morong, Asa Gray, T. P. James, and George Thurber & William Munro Papers]
Watson, Wade Ralph
Watt, D.A.
Waugh, Frank Albert
Weatherby, Charles Alfred [See Also: C. A. Weatherby Papers and Walter Deane Papers]
Weatherby, Una Lenora
Weatherwax, Paul
Webb, P.B.
Webb, Roscoe James
Webber, H.J.
Webber, Herbert John
Weber, Charles Martin
Weber, (Frederic) Albert Constant
Weberbauer, August(o)
Webster, Arthur Gordon
Webster, C. A.
Webster, E. C.
Webster, E. S.
Webster, Frank B.
Webster, Helen Maria
Webster, Hollis
Webster, John White [See Also: Thaddeus William Harris Papers]
Webster, Joseph Rowe
Webster, K. G. T.
Webster, Lucia Washburn
Weddell, H.
Wedgwood, F. Julia
Wedgwood, M. L.
Weed , Alonzo Rogers
Weed, Clarence Moores
Weeks, Nellie Louise
Weigel, Oswald
Weigel, Theodor Oswald
Weinhardt, Johann
Weis, Daniel Wesley
Weiss, Frederick Ernest
Weld, Caroline L.
Welles, Sumner
Welling, James C.
Wellington, Richard
Wellman, Emma F.
Wells, Edgar Huidekoper
Welter, H.
Wendland, H.
Wendte, William [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Wenette, William
Wentworth, Louis Albert
Wenzel, Chester A.
Werdermann, Erich
Werkle, Carl (aka Charles)
Wernecke, J B E
Werner, Wm. C.
Werner, William C.
Wesley, William & Son
West, W.S.
Westermann, B. and Co.
Weston, Alice D.
Weston, William Henry, Jr.
Wetherill, Henry Emerson
Wetmore, Ralph Hartley
Wettstein von Westersheim, Richard von (Ritter)
Whalen, Eliza
Whaler, James
Wharton, Georgia
Wharton, Mary E.
Wheeler, Alfred Pelton
Wheeler, Charles Fay
Wheeler, E.S.
Wheeler, G.M.
Wheeler, Mrs. I.H.
Wheeler, John Adams
Wheeler, Katharine
Wheeler, Leston Ansel
Wheeler, Louis Cutter
Wheeler, Mary L.
Wheeler, William Morton
Whelpley, Philip B.
Wherry, Edgar Theodore [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Whetzel, Herbert Hice
White, C.A.
White, Alfred Tredway
White, Annie G Hewitt
White, Cyril Tenison
White, David (aka Charles)
White, Edward Albert
White, George Robert
White, Henry
White, James
White, Mark
White, Stephen S.
White, William Lawrence
Whitehead, Eileen Jessie
Whiteside, Jennie E.
Whitford, Harry Nichols
Whiting, Charles Goodrich
Whitney, J.D.
Whitney, Elsie
Whitney, Howard R.
Whitney, J. W.
Whitney, Louise
Whitney, O L & Co.
Whittle, C.S.
Whitwell, George
Whorf, Edw. H.
Whyte, James M.
Wibbe, John Herman [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Widder, Felix Josef
Widtsoe, John Andreas
Wiegand, Karl McKay [See Also: Merritt Lyndon Fernald Papers]
Wiegmann, William Henry
Wieland, George Reber
Wigglesworth, George
Wigglesworth, Mary Catherine
Wight, Alexander Este
Wight, Rob
Wight, William Franklin
Wilcox, Edwin Forrest Mead
Wilcox, Ernest N.
Wild, Levi
Wilde, Earle Irving
Wilder, Marshall P.
Wileox, Timothy E.
Wilkes, Charles [See Also: Wilkes Expedition Inventory]   
Wilkinson, Edward
Wilks, William
Wille, (Johan) Nordal Fischer
Willets, Edwin
Willey, Arthur
Williams, Adelia C.
Williams, Charles Barnes
Williams, Edward Newlin
Williams, Emile Francis [See Also: Walter Deane and George Golding Kennedy Papers]
Williams, E.L.
Williams, Francis Xavier
Williams, Frederic Newton
Williams, Helen Gardner
Williams, Henry Willard
Williams, J. Bertram
Williams, John D.
Williams, Moses
Williams, Robert Statham
Williams, S. Wells
Williams, Talcott
Williams, Thomas Albert
Williams, Tom A.
Williamson, Charles Sumner
Williamson, John [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Williamson, W.C.
Willicut, L D & Sons Co.
Willis, John Christopher
Willkomm, M.
Wilmott, Alfred James
Wilms, Friedrich (Frederik)
Wilms, Friedrich Heinrich
Wilshire, H. D.
Wilson, Ernest Henry
Wilson, Grace W.
Wilson, Horace M.
Wilson, John & Son
Wilson, Leonard Richard
Wilson, Louis N.
Wilson, Percy
Wilson, W.
Wilson, W.P.
Wilson, William Powell
Wiltse, Harlan G.
Windt, H. A. de
Wing, Asa Shove
Winkler, Hans Karl Albert
Winlock, W. C.
Winne, William Thomas
Winser, John H.
Winship, George Parker
Winslow, Evelyn James
Winslow, J.A.
Winslow, Kenelm
Winsor, Justin
Winston, A.L.
Winthrop, Robert Charles
Wistar, Esther F.
Wister, John Caspar
Withey, Emily W.
Wittmack, (Marx Carl) Ludwig
Wittrock, Gustave Ludwig
Wittrock, Veit Brecher
Wolbach, Simeon Burt
Wolcott, Roger
Wolf, John
Wolle, F.
Wolley, Dod
Wood, Mrs. A.
Wood, Alphonso [See Also: Thomas Morong Papers]
Wood, G. B.
Wood, Kate
Wood, Leonard
Wood, Horatio Charles  [See Also: Sereno Watson Papers]
Wood, Thomas F.
Woodcock, Fidella G.
Woodhead, Thomas William
Woodman, Joseph Edmund
Woods, Albert Fred
Woodson, Robert Everard
Woodward, Richard William [See Also: Charles Alfred Weatherby Papers]
Woodward, Robert Simpson
Woodworth, Jay Backus
Woodworth, Robert Hugo
Woodworth, William McMichael
Woolson, G.C.
Woolson, George Clark
Woolson, Grace A.
Wooton, Elmer Ottis
Worcester, Dean Conant
Worrell, Louis W.
Wortley, Edward Jocelyn
Wraith, William
Wray, Thos. G.
Wright, A.A.
Wright, Annie L.
Wright, B.H.
Wright, Charles
Wright, G.F.
Wright, George Frederick
Wright, J.W.A.
Wright, John Shepard
Wright, Robert Ramsay
Wright, Samuel Hart
Wright, William Greenwood [See Also: George Edward Davenport Papers]
Wyman, Jeffries
Wynd, Frederick Lyle
Wynne-Edwards, Eleanor May

Correspondence X-Z

Yatabe, R.
Yatabe, Ryokichi
Yates, L.G.
Yates, Lorenzo Gordin
Yi, Ch'ang-bok
Youmans, E.L.
Young, A.
Young, Charles Sanderson
Young, Ernest B.
Young, Evangeline W.
Young, Mary Sophie
Youngken, Heber Wilkinson
Youngken, Heber Wilkinson, Jr.
Yuncker, Truman George
Zacharias, Eduard
Zahlbruckner, Alexander
Zappone, A.
Zeeuw, Richard de
Zeller, Sanford Myron
Ziegler, A.
Zimmerman, A
Zuccarini, J.G.