Digital Collections

Collection records at the Harvard University Herbaria (HUH) may contain language that reflects historical place or taxon names in an original form that is no longer acceptable or appropriate in an inclusive environment. Because HUH preserves data in their original form to retain authenticity and facilitate research, we have chosen to facilitate conversations and are committed to address the problem of racial, derogatory and demeaning language that may be found in our database. Insensitive or offensive language is not condoned by the HUH.


Staff are working to create digital records of the over 5 million specimens in the Harvard University Herbaria to include in the Index of Botanical Specimens Specify 6 database. Approximately 100,000 specimens correspond to type specimens of vascular plants and mosses. Also included are fungi, lichens, bryophytes, and algae.


The Botanist Database contains authors of botanical names, collectors of botanical specimens, and authors of botanical publications.


The Herbaria maintain an index of botanical and cryptogamic publications for the purpose of verifying publication names in the Specimen Database and the Gray Index. It is a unique compendium of bibliographic references for books, journals, and exsiccatae, dependent primarily on the standard print sources for botanical literature.