Harvard Papers in Botany

Harvard Papers in Botany (HPB) is a refereed journal that welcomes longer monographic and floristic accounts of plants and fungi, as well as papers concerning economic botany, systematic botany, molecular phylogenetics, the history of botany, and relevant and significant bibliographies, as well as book reviews. Harvard Papers in Botany is open to all who wish to contribute.

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Manuscript Submission

To help defray the rising costs of publication and support several online initiatives, manuscripts published in Harvard Papers in Botany are subject to a voluntary page charge of US $50.00 per printed page. More information is available for download.

Manuscripts, including tables and figures, should be submitted on a CD or DVD, or via email as attachments.

The text should be in a major word-processing program in a Windows, Mac, or compatible format. Authors should include a completed Submission Checklist with the submission. Authors should include approximate locations of tables and figures. Please note, authors writing monographs should include an Index to Numbered Collections at the end of their papers.

The HPB submission deadline for the June issue is January 1, and for the December issue the deadline is July 1.

For further details about format and layout, see manuscript preparation.

For questions or comments, please contact:

Gustavo Romero, Editor

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