Taxonomy is the science of discovering, naming, and describing the species diversity on our planet. Ongoing research in this area involves focused taxonomic research, and especially the International Plant Names Index (IPNI). IPNI is a dynamic nomenclatural database containing essential bibliographical details on plant names. This resource forms the foundation for all downstream research in ecology and evolution. HUH and its partners, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Australian National Herbarium, make these data freely available to the broader botanical community.

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Malpighiaceae nomenclature
Malpighiaceae are a family of tropical trees, shrubs, and vines that constitute an important element in the forests and savannas of both the New and Old World tropics and subtropics. Working with Professor William Anderson and Dr. Christiane Anderson (UMICH), Professor Charles Davis has helped to develop an interactive website to make research in this family available to the broader community. This site provide updated nomenclature for hundreds of species in addition to a current phylogeny of the family, a list of the clades and genera recognized, descriptions and maps, and identification keys.