Illustrations & Artwork

The collections of botanical illustrations and artworks represent the work of professional artists as well as talented amateurs. These materials were created for publication, personal edification, or for educational purposes. 

This list does not reflect the entirety of illustrated works in the collection of the Botany Libraries.  Those materials are discoverable through HOLLIS.

Original Artwork and Manuscripts

Adams, Helen H. Miscellaneous Drawings. 
Allen, Lizzie C.  Watercolors. 
Ames, Oakes.  Orchid Illustrations.
Ames, Blanche.  Orchid Illustrations.
Agate, Alfred.  Wilkes Expedition Illustrations.
Bigelow, Jacob. Illustrations and Printed Plates
Blackford, Eliza B.  Cryptogams and Flowering Plant Watercolors.
Blaschka, Rudolph and Leopold. Glass Models of Plants
Bridgham, Joseph.   Icones Farlowiana Illustrations.
Bullard, Charles. Algae Drawings.
Candolle, Alphonse de. Mexican Flora
China Trade Illustrations [series] and [another series]
Delano, Frederic.   Delano Collection of China Trade Illustrations.
Demange, Victor.  Champignons du Tonkin.
Dillon, Gordon, W.  Orchid Illustrations.
Drayton, Joseph.  Wilkes Expedition Illustrations.
Faxon, Charles.  Original Watercolors.
Faxon, Charles.  Watercolors of Ferns.
Flint, William F. Herbarium of William Francis Flint.
Frank, Tessie K. Watercolors of Vascular Plants.
Hadley, Alice Mills. Fungi Paintings.
Harvey, William H. Algae
Haynes, Caroline Coventry.  Cryptogamic Plates.
Heim, Roger.  Mushroom Watercolors.
Hunnewell, Mary P. Hunnewell Herbarium.
Krieger, L.C.C.  Icones Farlowiana Illustrations.
Loddiges Nursery. Orchid Watercolors.
MacFarlane, J.L.  Orchid Illustrations.
Maury, Paul. Illustrations of champignons
Minns, Susan. Watercolors of flowers and Nassau scenery.
Murdoch, Caroline.   Wildflower Illustrations, Eastern North America.
Murdoch, Caroline.   Flowers of the Woodlands Illustrations.
New Zealand Flora.
Nuttall, Thomas.  Illustrations for North American Sylva
Pith Paintings. Flowering Plants, Flowering Plants [another series], Chinese Plants
Potato Illustrations.
Riocreux,  Alfred.  Drawings of Flowering Plants.
Robinson, Mary.   Seaweed Prints.
Rodrigues, J. Barboa. Orchids of Brazil.
Shaw, Elsie Louise. Wildflower Illustrations of Eastern North America.
Smith, E.W.  Orchid Illustrations.
Sprague, Isaac. Drawings for the United States Naval Expedition to Japan and United States North Pacific Exploring Expedition
Sprague, Isaac. Genera Florae Americanae
Stephani, Franz.  Tracings of the Stephani Drawings of Hepaticae.
Storer, Charles.  Orchid Illustrations.
Sullivant, William Starling. Icones Muscorum and Supplement
Sullivant, William Starling. Mexican Mosses
Thaxter, Roland.   Cryptogamic Illustrations.
Wehdemann, C.H. Drawings of Plants Collected at Cape Town.
Wille, N. Alger fra Novaia-Zemila og Kara-Havet


Nature Printing

Vegetabilium omnium generum icones.
[Wien?] 1736-1737
See HOLLIS record

Seligmann, Johann Michael, 1720-1762.
Die Nahrungs-Gefäse in den Blättern der Bäume
Nürnberg : Gedruckt bey Johann Joseph Fleischmann, 1748.
See HOLLIS record

Hecker, Johann Julius, 1707-1768.
Flora Berolinensis : das ist, Abdruck der Kräuter und Blumen nach der besten Abzeichnung der Natur
Berlin : Die Schule, 1757-1758.
See HOLLIS record

Kniphof, Johann Hieronymus, 1704-1763.
Botanica in Originali, seu Herbarium Vivum
Halae Magdeburgicae : apud Joannis Godofredi Trampe, 1758-1764.
See HOLLIS record

Ludwig, Christian Gottlieb, 1709-1773.
Ectypa Vegetabilium : Usibus MediciPraecipue destinatorum...
Berfertiget von Johann Gottfried Trampe, 1760-[1764]
See HOLLIS record

Hoppe, David Heinrich, 1760-1846.
Ectypa Plantarum Ratisbonensium
Regensburg : Johann Mayr ... 1787-1793.
See HOLLIS record

Symons, Jelinger
Synopsis plantarum insulis Britannicis indigenarum
Londini : veneunt apud J White 1798.
See HOLLIS record

Martius, Ernst Wilhelm, 1756-1849.
Abdrücke Lebendiger Kräuter.
Erlang, 1799.
See HOLLIS record

Heufler, Ludwig, Freiherr von, 1817-1885.
Specimen Florae Cryptogamae Vallis Arpasch Carpatae Transilvani
Viennae Austriae : Typis Caes. Reg. Aulae et Imperii Typographiae, 1853.
See HOLLIS record

Perini, Carlo.
Flora dell’Italia Setentrionale e del Tirolo Meridionale
Trento : Tipografia Perini, [1854-1865].
See HOLLIS record

Frauenfeld, Georg, Ritter von, 1807-1873.
Die Algen der Dalmatischen Küste
Wien : Druck und Verlag der Kaiserl, 1855.
See HOLLIS record

Ettingshausen, Constantin, freiherr von, 1826-1897.
Physiotypia plantarum austriacarum. Der naturselbstdruck in seiner anwendung...
Wien. 1856 [1855]
See HOLLIS record

Ettingshausen, Constantin, freiherr von, 1826-1897.
Über die Nervation der Blätter bei den Celastrineen
Wien : Staatsdruckerei, 1857.
See HOLLIS record

Moore, Thomas, 1821-1887.
The Ferns of Great Britain and Ireland
London : Bradbury and Evans, 1857.
See HOLLIS record

Johnstone, William Grosart.
The Nature-Printed British Sea-Weeds
London, Bradbury and Evans, 1859-1860.
See HOLLIS record

Moore, Thomas, 1821-1887.
Nature-printed British ferns
London : Bradbury and Evans, 1863.
See HOLLIS record

Pokorny, Alois
Österreichs Holzpflanzen
Wien : KK Hof- und Staatsdruckerei 1864.
See HOLLIS record

Ettingshausen, Constantin, Freiherr von, 1826-1897.
Die Farnkräuter der Jetztwelt
Wien : Verlag von Carl Gerold’s Sohn, 1865.
See HOLLIS record

Cusin, Louis Antoine, 1824-1901.
Herbier de la Flore Française
Lyon : [Nigon], 1867-1876.
See HOLLIS record

Ettingshausen, Constantin, freiherr von, 1826-1897.
Physiotypia plantarum Austriacarum. die Gefässpflanzen Österrichs in Naturselbstdruck...
Wien [Vienna] : F Tempsky in Prag 1873.
See HOLLIS record

Houba, Julien
Les chênes de l'Amérique septentrionale en Belgique
Hasselt : M Ceysens 1887.
See HOLLIS record

Archenegg, Adolf Noé von.
Über atavistische Blattformen des Tulpenbaumes
Wien : F Tempsky 1894.
See HOLLIS record

Ettingshausen, Constantin, freiherr von, 1826-1897.
Über die Nervation der Blätter bei der Gattung Quercus
Wien : Staatsdruckerei 1895
See HOLLIS record

Coulson, John G., 1893-1974.
Impressions of Seedlings
[S.l.], 1899.
See HOLLIS record

Hurd, Ella J. C.,
[Ferns of Huntington, Long Island, collected and printed by Mrs. Hurd].
[Huntingon, N.Y., circa 1890]?
See HOLLIS record

Druery, Chas T. (Charles Thomas), 1843-1917
British ferns and their varieties
London, G. Routledge: New York, E. P. Dutton [1912?]
See HOLLIS record

Teaching Posters

The Botany Libraries and Archives own several incomplete sets of Botanische Wandtafeln, among them charts by Leopold Kny, Alios Pokorny, Engleder, Hartinger and Schlitzberger.  A summary of the collections can be viewed here.